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Check out our other two new tools: Hands on Famagusta and YuBiz.
Happy to introduce three of our new tools: i-Vee, The Socialholic Typewriter, and We-Me.
Meet the four winners of the UNDP Technology for Citizen Engagement Challenge!

mahallae challenges: solutions

A mobile game app for encouraging volunteerism in Cyprus and Egypt.

An online platform to help young entrepreneurs kick-start their business.

A community platform that aims to link women mentors and mentees together.

A platform bringing together writers and artists from different communities to collaboratively tell stories.

A hybrid platform for developing a future vision for the Famagusta region.

A social sharing economy platform linking hosts and guests in Famagusta.

A digital tool for ordering fresh organic produce and byproducts from local farmers.

A free prototype app for promoting alternative transportation in Cyprus: people with cars coordinate travel with people who need a ride.

An app that brings professional agricultural knowledge to everyday user.