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EAT will offer young entrepreneurs in Cyprus a unique opportunity to learn how to build, operate and manage a sustainable Aquaponic farm business, producing organic food and fresh fish, forever.


Aquaponics is a sustainable, urban farming method using 95% less water, a fraction of the land, and none of the pesticides or chemical fertilizers associated with traditional farming. It is 100% environmentally-friendly, giving year-round harvests of low cost organic produce, with low maintenance and low overheads. Aquaponic farms can be built to any size - to feed a family of four, or a whole community.


This 8' video, gives a general idea of what Aquaponics can offer and produce:




Beginning with the construction of a fully operational Aquaponic farm using mainly recycled materials, EAT will demonstrate to young entrepreneurs the feasibility and low start-up costs which can be achieved when establishing their own aquaponic business. They will learn how to build and operate different aquaponic systems and their training will include a certificated course in the PORTABLE FARMSTM Aquaponic System which will enable them to build their own business in a unique modular way, increasing production in easy steps.


Online, EAT will build an aquaponic community linking local producers, farms and others to suppliers of recycled materials, parts, seeds, fish etc, as well as linking retailers and promoting network opportunities within the community. This local network will be part of a larger Euro Med Aquaponics resource platform, providing users with knowledge and step-by-step guides to build, operate and manage their own aquaponic farms of any size.


After the initial 9 months of the project, the first four EAT entrepreneurs can be in business for themselves as part of a growing Cyprus network. The EAT training farm will be solar powered and producing enough organic produce and fresh fish to meet the full daily nutritional needs of over 60 people. Local restaurants, such as the ‘Silverpot café’, have agreed to buy this premium produce at current local prices and EAT is also in discussions with other restaurants and retail outlets to establish future demand, expanding the EAT farm network.


The Team


Jonathan Ayre: project coordinator, responsible for training programs, marketing and day to day operations.

Savvas Vladimerou: qualified engineer & organic farmer, donating use of fenced land and amenities to the project, supervising overall construction and daily operations.

Roberto Sciffo: aquaponics specialist, responsible for training, building, crop testing and planting.

Gabriel Pantelides: experienced in aquaponics, will assist with training and setting-up the E.A.T. farm.


Community Support


The E.A.T. team is looking for:


  • A professional Camera Operator/Editor to film key stages of the project for use in instructional online videos.
  • A Programmer to help with our website
  • Volunteers wishing to help in building the greenhouse, or assisting in the set-up and learning more about Aquaponics.
  • A classroom for 3 weeks course-work in July.
  • A Business/Legal Advisor
  • A qualified plumber/solar engineer to assist with the greenhouse and systems assembly.


Fanos's picture
This is an excellent project for youth! If there is any help you need with Graphic Design, please contact me, I will be very glad to help.
Anthi's picture
This is a very good project for Cyprus. Offering a career to students is wonderful!
brian fuller's picture
Great Project, with hands-on experience, that can really help school leavers in the tough job market. I am happy to donate my time and expertise as needed.
alexandra ayre's picture
I work in the restaurant business in Nicosia, please contact me when you are in production. Aquaponic produce is not only 100% organic, it is beautiful to see! And the regularity of harvests make it perfect for our business.
Shirin's picture
Great idea! I would be happy to volunteer in the project.
stathis's picture
This is a great idea! It could become a sustainable way to produce quality organic food in Cyprus, without the need to harm the environment and import expensive fish and veggies. I work in the technology sector and I could volunteer to help with software development and hardware deployment to bring in automation, remote operation and monitoring, etc. Contact me if you have plans for such!
Jonathan's picture
Thank you, that's a most welcome offer! Automation is certainly a part of our forward planning and your expertise will be a tremendous addition to the EAT project. We look forward to working together!
mkount's picture
This is an excellent idea! Good luck!
lillia's picture
We need projects like this in Cy, food and production quality! Good luck!
Mariann's picture
A fantastic project!! This is the way forward.... The best of luck!!
Christina's picture
Excellent. All the best!
KaterinaS's picture
This is a timely and important project for Cyprus, as well as being a great business opportunity for Youth Entrepreneurs. I have read a lot about Aquaponics and view it as an essential way forward, conserving finite natural resources while producing premium quality ORGANIC food. Aquaponics is sustainable and low cost, making it good for people AND the Environment. I am happy to donate my professional time and legal expertise to help the EAT project become a reality.
Andreas Farkonas's picture
I am the owner of Farkonas Restaurant and I would be interested in buying your produce. I have seen Aquaponic vegetables and they look and taste very good! Please contact me when you are in production. I like this project.
Kristian's picture
Any chance you will be setting up any workshops for schools? the kids would really benefit from exposure to this. Parents could also be interested in training / workshops.
Jonathan's picture
We agree 100%! School workshops and school tours of the EAT Aquaponic Farms are definitely in our plans. Assisting schools to set up their own working farms is also something we have been looking into. The average age of a traditional farmer in the USA is 63 - it's an unsustainable global trend that obviously needs to be reversed by education. We'd love to play our small part by re-positioning a new way of farming as a new career option.
Nicolas Kontis's picture
I am 16. Can I take the training course? I want to be a chef and I want to know about growing the best food.
Jonathan's picture
Unfortunately, the training course is only open to 18-27 year-olds. However, if you would like to volunteer some time over the summer, we will be happy to teach you and show you how an aquaponic farm works.
Panagiwta Konti's picture
This is a very good program for youth.
Vassos P's picture
I have a small farm with some unused land. I want to learn about aquaponics. I volunteer for your program. Thank you.
Theo's picture
I think the moment Cyprus has being waiting for have arrive. As a journalist who have being involve and report so many projects it is so clear this a project that is very necessary for Cyprus. This is calling on everyone to take good advantage of this rare opportunity.
nicnicaqua's picture
Very happy to hear all about this project. I am breeding Tilapia (the fish for aquaponics) and also have a small aquaponic farm in Nicosia. I have BSc in fish farming - marine biology - and recently I got my Masters in Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Monitoring. Willing to contribute in any way I can since I believe aquaponics is the future. You can see more or less of what i am doing in my web page www.goldfishcy.com. and via my FB page :https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fish-for-Aquaponics-Koi/206112546105280.
phivosmi's picture
Seams very promising and offers a solution to a lot of societies problems, not only food, but unemployment and further research/development, good luck and hope it pays off.
Kotsireas's picture
This is a wonderful idea, I wish you all the best. And you have a volunteer if you need one!
Ianthi Sparsis's picture
I am the co-owner of the SILVERPOT Cafe in Nicosia. We are well known for our delicious, healthy, home-cooked food and salads. We will be delighted to be E.A.T.'s first customer for organic produce.
Meli's picture
I'm the other half of the SILVERPOT cafe and I echo my partner's sentiments! We're looking forward to being an E.A.T. customer. Aquaponics is a great business for Cyprus - especially with the water shortage - and as a mother and ex-teacher I think that teaching our youth something positive about the environment is much needed.
Panimation's picture
Very good intitiative
alexialiana's picture
This project sounds fantastic. Something that fits in perfectly for Cyprus at the moment, both environmentally and financially and which has a lot to offer to Cyprus's future and generations to come. Wishing you the best of luck and look forward to seeing one of the farms soon!
dinos's picture
What a great idea! Wish you all the best.
Rikki2u's picture
Jonathan Ayre and his team have targeted a key area for Cyprus development. This is an excellent initiative..
DannyDem's picture
Aquaponics is the way forth. A.S.C https://www.facebook.com/groups/aquaponicscyprus/ is glad to support your cause.
HajiMike's picture
Great idea, innovative and way ahead of its time....
MEF's picture
Great project, I hope this takes off and goes island wide. There are so many people sat on unused land who could really do something useful with it.
Sarah Fenwick's picture
Innovative and sustainable idea that is environmentally friendly, I support it wholeheartedly!
highgateschool's picture
Yes, we highly support the project at Highgate School. This is a new form of learning and children of the 21st century must be involved in their process of learning. We would be delighted to offer a classroom for the tuition phase of the course.
ceirion's picture
An excellent project idea which would be ideal for our students to become involved in
Jonathan's picture
Thank you Highgate Private School in Nicosia, and the Heritage School in Limassol. Your support and offers of help are much appreciated.
Christina Abdo's picture
I come from Lebanon. The online outreach of this program has great application to my country and the troubled countries around us. We need hands-on ways to help ourselves. I hope E.A.T. is successful.
Dimitris K's picture
I have a teenage son and I work with young soldiers. This is a good project for our country and the countries around us who have so many difficulties to feed themselves.
cozzi's picture
Great project from great people
foxyusa's picture
Excellent project, this is the future!
Missde's picture
Super idea. An exciting project.
Carrie's picture
Great idea guys! Well done
andrianneishere's picture
Just love the creativity and determination in this project - congratulations to Jonathan and team for driving this forward - if I can help spread the word further afield and promote this (I'm now based in the UK) let me know... I will be watching closely and look forward to seeing how other Mediterranean/middle Eastern countries can benefit from this online platform - a great idea which will benefit communities, the environment and help alleviate food shortages and suffering - good luck!
Patricia's picture
What a wonderful idea! Wishing you and your team all the best!
nick.assi's picture
how cool is this?!?!?!
Katsourides's picture
An excellent idea whose time has most certainly come - good luck with this worthwhile endeavour!
SavvasVlad's picture
Dear friends, volunteers and supporters of the EAT proposal, we thank U very much for your support to the project and would like to inform U that, despite that our proposal has not been chosen by the judging committee for funding, we have decided to continue this "journey" on our own and any additional support of any kind is welcomed. Within the next days we will be more specific regarding our "plan B". Thanks again for your kind support and keep in touch.
Jonathan studied Nautical Science at Southampton University.
Gabriel Pandelis has a wide range of experience.Trained and worked in Sound Engineering...
Aquaponic technology trained, with a background in engineering, including BSc. Mechanical...
Civil Technician Engineer by education with some 35+ years experience in construction. Recently...
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