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faRmagusta: BE friends with your farmer is a digital tool for ordering weekly fresh, seasonal, cheap and wherever possible organic produce from Famagusta farmers.


faRmagusta will provide two services to its users:


The first service is the basket delivery of produce, which will allow households and businesses to order fresh, local, organic, seasonal produce and fruits. The baskets will be ordered, paid for online and door-delivered. Variations of produce will include category or combinations of categories: fresh fruits and vegetables, honey, yogurt and cheese, organic eggs and homemade low glycemic-index bread. For every basket sold, one herb, vegetable plant, or fruit tree will be donated to a regional community garden with access to the less-privileged. In addition, each weekly basket will contain a faRmagusta newsletter with news from farmers and their products as well as functional recipes for seasonal produce. A composting scheme will also be available by providing households with empty organic waste bins that will be collected each week. Their content will be used as a primer for organic farming in community gardens.


The second service is a virtual farm map of Famagusta with will track local farms online and provide product(s) advertisement and text, photographic, and videographic materials about each of them.


The estimated impact of our project is multi-faceted. It will help the local community and the local producers develop economically, while reducing waste and the environmental footprint of agriculture, food production and delivery. It will also help promote the farmer profession, in particular organic farming, in the Famagusta region and nurture a sense of community through initiatives like the community garden for the less-privileged. In addition, by promoting healthy eating habits, faRmagusta will contribute to the overall well-being and health of the population in the region.


The Team


Eleni Hadjigeorgiou is a nutritionist graduate, a geneticist postgraduate, co-founder of Daiw Ygeian and nutritionist at nursing home for the elderly (KEPA), where she is responsible for training cooks, nurses, carers and tailoring menu and recipes to patients’ needs and season. Others skills: practical horticulture (Cultivate London, Green Corridor); fundraising, organizing green events (Sustain-CapitalGrowth), culinary art student; fundraising and educational awarded leader in a water-brigade mission to Ghana (Global Brigades); permaculture group member (H.E.L.P Famagusta).


Valentina Kyprianidi is a dietitian and nutritionist graduate, co-founder of Daiw Ygeian and nutritionist at nursing home for the elderly (KEPA), responsible for training cooks, nurses, carers and tailoring menu and recipes to patients’ needs and season. Other experience: designing and implementing nutrition education programmes for children aged 3-12 in Cyprus, 4 years in running & managing retail chain of business (BestBuy); permaculture group member (H.E.L.P Famagusta).


Maro Kakouri is a graphic designer with an extensive experience of designing logos, posters and websites for several businesses and projects as: About PC shop, Domisol Music Academy, Technological University of Cyprus and MusicCamp 2014. Maro is the assistant manager and photographer at Vintage Photography Studio in Liopetri.


Constantinos Timinis is a student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of University of Cyprus currently being employed as web developer in the Academic Affairs and Student Welfare Service, Career Office of UCY with an extensive experience in web development (Bioproductcy, ATHLEPEN, OnlineEpikairotita, StivosCy, WaterColoursCy, EnaProsEkato, VipFitnessNicosia).


Moisis Hadjiagathangelou is a student of Computer Science in University of Essex with experience in web designing and development (Paralimni Shooting Club, Hospital Blood Management System, Daiw Ygeian nutritional an dietetic practice).




5700 EUR



Styliana Hadjigeorgiou's picture
Love this proposition! Very inventive and innovative! It really shows an original interest about the area of Famagusta! I really hope to see it in flesh very soon! Keep up the fantastic work!
aaprotta's picture
What a fantastic initiative! Best of luck to the team - I would love to see it implemented. Watching with interest from London...
Demetra S's picture
Excelent idea guys! You are amazing! Very innovative, authentic and inventive! Good luck and may this idea come true soon!
leo's picture
Nice idea.Keep going
prastita's picture
Famagusta as a farmers area produce cheap products. Using internet producers can cell their products direct to the consumers!
Elena Athanasiou's picture
Well done people, good to know tha people still care! Keep it up:)
melina's picture
brilliant! excellent! awesome! <3
Johnnie's picture
i love this idea... looking foreword to see you in action guys !!!
chara patsali's picture
nice idea!
Stavri Strati's picture
i <3 your logo! well done Maro Kakouri - very exciting project idea faRmagusta team!
Adamos Adamou's picture
If you need any management advice guys let me know, Adamos
Vicky's picture
i like the idea.It is really important to support our farmers in anyway. Your way is simple for us the consumers that we often concern where our fruits and vegetables come from. Good luck!
Katerina Pnagiwtou's picture
love farmers and LOVE faRmagusta idea!
Valantis's picture
the teachers and my friends from the agricultural school should find out about this project
Petros's picture
This is a very welcoming change for our island. Wish you all the best!
Harris Ioannidis's picture
You have a great challenge to come through people. Move on! :)
Daniel Demetriou's picture
A very good idea and concept, which will stimulate many opportunities for a wide range of people within the Famagusta community. I hope it see the light of day.
lenos constanti's picture
Great idea.our area needs new ideas for development and an online store with these products will help the farmers and the public the middle of this economical crisis we must be open to anything new that will provide relief to all of us.i hope this new program finds the support and the love that is needed.keep up the good work
natasa patsali's picture
A great concept!i wish you good luck!
cool's picture
Very good
efthymiosch's picture
That's awesome!!
eftychia.angelou's picture
SusyQ's picture
Good Luck =) It sounds great !
Yiota AC's picture
Very nice concept. There are similar approaches in Australia and in South American countries. I endorse this initiative's success.
nasiaAnt's picture
Very interesting project idea guys. I hope we see in in action soon! :)
Kostas Kitsis's picture
I like this project. Good job!
Panagiota Prokopi's picture
nice plan! keep going!
Chrysanthi Christou's picture
Wow! I am really excited about this!
Thaleia Mina's picture
love it!
Co founder of 'daiw ygeian' Dietitian in nutritional and dietetics practice 'daiw ygeian'...
Co-Founder of Daiw Ygeian Nutritionist at Daiw Ygeian Nutritionist at KEPA-Nursing home for the...
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