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'Hands-on Famagusta' is an interactive platform facilitating urban design tools and survey data from all Famagusta residents to build a participatory process that develops common ground and shapes conflicting priorities into a vision of a contemporary and prosperous Famagusta region. The goal is not to encourage any particular vision of the Famagusta region, but to support Famagusta residents and all Cypriots to see the region as a whole with an integrated waterfrontinter-related and inter-dependent ecological and cultural resources, and shared and effective infrastructure and services


The Interactive Website 


The interactive website is an integral part of the ”Hands-On-Famagusta” project. It is based on the work produced by the Laboratory of Urbanism, University of Cyprus (LU2CY), Imaginary Famagusta (I.F.), ALA/Stratis and AA&U. The website will be used to share urban design tools with the public and encourage Famagusta residents to engage with decision makers on the future of their city; to collect information from Famagusta residents and visitors both from online surveys and in the form of archives (photos, documents, etc.); and to display the information in innovative and creative ways.  The information, which will include 2-D and 3-D images clustered around themes such as the waterfront, the environment, cultural resources and infrastructure (that could include transportation, parking, and green spaces for example), will help people identify their common interests and priorities for the future. 


The Hands-On-Famagusta Cloud, the first part of the website, will be the repository for users who wish to share both their memories and their suggestions for the future of Famagusta.  The information will be organized and categorized so that it evokes thoughtful consideration as a variety of design elements are proposed, considered and debated.


The “Imaginary Famagusta” Gamethe second part of the website, will provide users with the opportunity to rethink the future of Famagusta in its entirety in a game-like environment. Users will be able to look at controversial issues from different perspectives and debate the pros and cons of different approaches in a supportive environment.



The Team


By joining the volunteers for Hands-on-Famagusta you become an “Imaginary Famagusta” member, a passionate bi-communal group with its members full of hope and persistence for imagining and changing the future of Famagusta. We are architects, planners and urban designers. But we are also professionals, academics and doctorate students. We are also, most of us, parents of younger and older children who thrive to live in a different Cyprus from the one we lived in. (Imaginary Famagusta: Emre Akbil, Esra Can Akbil, Nektarios Christodoulou,  Munevver Ozgur Ozersay Socrates Stratis – AA&U support (Chrysanthi Constantinou)


Community Support


We are looking for help from individuals, initiatives and organizations who share our passion for a prosperous future for the Famagusta region. 


Specifically, we are looking for volunteers, including students and young professionals, who have skills and knowledge in any of the following: translation (English/Greek/Turkish), communications, visual arts, psychology/sociology, architecture, urban design, urban planning, and anthropology.


We are also looking for collaborators and organizations interested in supporting the consultation meetings, workshops & public events.  Facilitators, event organizers, and logistics managers would be particularly helpful.


For several offline activities, venues and equipment are also needed.




The asked contribution for the Hands on Famagusta Website is $30.000.


Eda's picture
Full support here from a Famagusta resident! I will definitely follow the project. Let me know how to be part of this..
Hulya's picture
Famagusta stands there unfortunately as future potential DIVIDED CITY.. While looking for a cure to upgrade the physical environment, it is most important to create a platform where the communities will engage with the city as a whole. I think this is a courageous step forward! I hope you get the support!
Özlem Olgaç Türker's picture
I think this is a great project! Good luck...
Nektarios_Ch's picture
Eda, thank you for your support. You can contact me or Esra to discuss ways in which you can get more actively involved in this process.
AnestisGR's picture
I am very supportive of this project and will expect to see the outcome of it. Best of luck in your challenging endeavor. I'd be happy to share my thoughts and experiences with you.
Nektarios_Ch's picture
Thanks Anestis. We would love to hear your thoughts on the project. We will get in touch with you soon!
charis's picture
Great Initiative! When vision meets science...
spyros2's picture
I think that such an e-platform will help citizens from different communities to understand their common past as well as to collaborate and co-crate their future. All the best!
Nektarios_Ch's picture
Thank you Charis. I am sure that your thoughts on the project would be extremely helpful to us.
DAVE's picture
Excellent idea to help overcoming ethnic dividing in Cyprus! GOOD LUCK!
janniska's picture
Great project. Fingers crossed from Czech Republic!!!
Munevver Ozgur's picture
Dear Czech Republic, a big hello and "thank you" goes to you all from Cyprus...
Hanka Klemova's picture
Fingers crossed ... :-)
Founder and member of Atelier-M Cyprus : Architecture, Engineering and Consultancy. Co-partner of...
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