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Hobba is a mobile phone application for coordinating travelling arrangements between people in Cyprus.


Hobba aims to serve as an easy-to-use, inexpensive, and environmentally-friendly alternative for travelling around the island. It will enable people who don’t own a car (students, tourists, environmentally-conscious people) to travel from pre-determined key points in Famagusta to pre-determined key points in different cities in Cyprus by sharing the journey with someone else. Initially, 5 key points will be identified from each of the major cities in Cyprus. In later stages, the number of key points within each city will increase and key points in rural areas will be added as well.


Drivers will also benefit from using the app as they can share the financial costs associated with traveling around Cyprus. Drivers who would normally travel alone will be able to split money for petrol with passengers and passengers will be able to travel more economically compared to using public transport or taxis when travelling between cities.


In terms of safety and security, Hobba will operate as an app using Facebook log-in details, allowing users to check each other’s profiles. By having to use their Facebook profiles, users will feel a sense of accountability and community.


We hope that in the long term, Hobba will contribute to reducing the number of vehicles on the road as people travelling the same routes at similar times will have a platform to make arrangements to travel together. Hobba will also create the possibility for the creation of new friendships which may turn into future collaborations and create stronger bonds between people from different communities on the island.


The Team


Selma Caner: Presented the initial idea and contributed to the write-up of the project for the Famagusta Challenge. Developing content for the Hobba app. Promoting Hobba to the target groups.


Gülcan Garip: Contributed to the write-up of the project for the Famagusta Challenge. Networking with potential contributors (graphic designer & programmers) who will develop the app. Coordinate people for first stage of testing.


Aysegul Sentug: Contributed to the write-up of the project for the Famagusta Challenge. Developing content for the Hobba app. Coordinate people for the second stage of testing of the app. Promoting Hobba to the target groups.




6000 EUR


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What a great idea!
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Hope all goes well, great idea!
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just in case you don't know about this, this is something that's used a lot by travelers in Europe http://www.covoiturage.fr/
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It's all about those small changes that make a big impact! Well done!
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Brilliant idea guys! I am teaching in the University (EMU) and I'm sure this would be very useful for many students here in Famagusta.
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Amazing idea!
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