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Project Duration: April – December 2013


How does your project strengthen the role of citizens and civil society in stimulating positive social change?


The i-100 project aimed primarily to promote the idea of volunteerism as a first stage in responsible citizenship. We managed to create a platform that brings together NGO’s seeking volunteers with individuals passionate about volunteering for causes towards which they feel most passionate.


How did technology play a role in your project?


In the age we live in, technology is key if you want to do work that engages communities into active citizenship. The idea to establish an inter-regional portal for volunteerism was an attempt to transform the advantages of technology into active citizenship in the lives of youth. Young people are already living and breathing technology. Using technology seemed to us not only the most natural way to introduce the idea of volunteerism but the way to do it best.


The multimedia material we have created, such as radio spots, motivational videos, artwork shared through social media platforms… we believe all of these materials have given an identity and voice to a project that may have otherwise felt lifeless. When you are running this sort of project, and your target group is youth, you have to speak on their terms. You have to have an identity that reflects their vibrance and resilience. At the end of the day, you are using technology, but in a way that is very human.


What has been your biggest accomplishment?


We were able to engage more than 2500 beneficiaries from different cultural backgrounds, countries and interests. Members of local communities, artists, campaigners, employees of civil society organizations, and more, either engaged in dialogue about what volunteerism means for our region or became active participants in the project, volunteering their energy and time for an NGO that wasn’t even working in their own country. We were able to break boundaries with not only bringing the idea of volunteerism to the table, but also doing it in a way that strengthened inter-regional bonds between Cyprus and Egypt.


The inclusive partnerships, networks, manuals, methodologies and best practices that came out of the i-100 regional partnership raised the capacity of the implementing organizations, local community, other CSO organizations, our direct volunteers and other potential volunteers who will be inspired by our project in the future.  It has stimulated a state of social change associated with active citizenship and participation, which was our main goal in the first place. We are very proud to have achieved what we set out to do.


Implementing Partners:

Cyprus Family Planning Association 

Egypt Foundation for Youth and Development 


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Sali Mohsen is a Global Health Researcher and practitioner who is specialized in population ,...
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