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i-Vee is a mobile game application to promote the culture of volunteerism and help young people become positive social activists.


i-Vee will be a fun game that will provide players with the opportunity to experience the positive feelings of volunteering and its benefits. We all know that doing good for others or for your community provides a natural sense of accomplishment, a sense of pride and identity. Throughout i-Vee, players will be required to perform good actions in order to get to the next level. The challenges of the game will sometimes reflect real life situations and as a result, players will also gain knowledge and information related to Cyprus and the Euro-Mediterranean region.


Therefore, by playing i-Vee, young people in Cyprus and the Euro-Mediterranean region will build upon skills they already have, or discover and acquire new ones related to the idea of volunteering and gaming for a cause. Our ultimate goal is for young people to apply their online, virtual experience in their offline, real lives. Which is why, we will also select some of the best players for a volunteer exchange program in a country from their region.


The development of the game will take place in consultation will local groups in Cyprus and Egypt to make sure the game is as fun and rewarding as possible. We believe that the active involvement, cooperation and cross-regional partnership among young people for the development of i-Vee enables the foundation of common grounds for trust and a shared vision of civic engagement.



The Team


Maria Epaminonda and Maged Elsamny

Organize, coordinate, administrate and implement the whole project and each activity of the project including recruitment of people working on the project and volunteers, call for tenders, arrange for volunteers placement, implement e-marketing campaign etc.


Community Support


The i-Vee Team will also need your support! We are looking for:


  • Social Network Promoters: promoting the game through the social networks
  • Fundraisers: research on potential sponsors, draft proposals communicate and arrange meetings
  • Testers:  testing the game
  • Graphic Designers:  giving feedback on the design
  • Game designers: giving feedback on the game
  • Marketers: giving feedback on the e-marketing campaign
  • Civil society organizations:  promoting of the game through social media, and to their volunteers and mapping the volunteers needs assessment
  • Venues: holding meetings with partners, volunteers and other stakeholders.


Budget: USD $35,000

Maged Elsamny is an Egyptian architect and a researcher born in Alexandria and holds a PhD degree...
Maria Epaminonda is the Executive Director of Cyprus Family Planning Association (CFPA) a...
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