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Koridoor is a social sharing economy platform that aims to link hosts and guests in Famagusta by facilitating social accommodation and social eating.


Koridoor views Famagusta as one big hotel, where each street is a Koridoor opening up to rooms for accommodation and kitchens for social eating. As such, we aim to develop an online platform that enables young people to utilize their available resources such as accommodation spaces and culinary skills to become a part of the local economy and develop their sense of community.


Through our platform, eligible community members can REGISTERimage their space and their resources, such as a spare bedroom, spare couch or kitchen as rooms and restaurants. Eligibility depends on a few factors such as abiding by the local taxation laws and property rights checks. On the other hand, the platform targets people abroad who wish to travel alternatively and live locally while on vacation.


However, we envision that Koridoor would be much more than a platform; it would be the basis for community cooperation. All people in the Koridoor community would know one another and they would be involved in the upgrading of the capabilities of their community capabilities and that of their utilized spaces. Trainings would be organized for their members on how to increase their capacities on different subjects such as being a good host, preparing food safely, and improving their utilized spaces. Guests would also become part of the community and could rely on them if they get lost, or if they need a ride or if they just want to chat with friendly face or have a walking-tour around the city.


In the long term, we hope Koridoor will help create a community to help young people build their capacities and skills collectively, create synergies and connect people from different cultures and communities, and decrease unemployment and increase self-employment among the young population.


The Team


Çizge is a development economist that believes in down to up social and economic development. She will develop the community relations and manage the project.


Salih always has a unique perspective when approaching an issue due to his broad range of interests and hobbies. He manages bi-communal projects in Cyprus and studies architecture in Famagusta. He will organize community trainings and manage the project.


Şerife is a vibrant, enthusiastic and cheerful person. She is a creative and hard-working individual since she has a passion for life and has a passion to learn new things. She will be dedicated to promote the Koridoor socially and manage the project.





7400 EUR


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good luck guys! Good idea and great team!
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Such a nice idea! :)
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Good Luck..
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Good Luck Koridoor! :)
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Hayırlısı arkadaşlar..
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Best of luck everyone! :)
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Good Luck !!
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good luck guys.. amazing idea!
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Başarılar :)
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Süper bir fikir. Kazanmanız dileğiyle :)
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Great Team :) All the best!
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This is what famagusta needs !
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Good luck!
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amazing idea :)
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Such a nice idea!
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good idea
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kazanmaniz dilegiyle
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very good project
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This is what famagusta needs!
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my room is ready to join
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great idea
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such a nice project! good luck!
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good luck :) nice project
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good luck
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Perfect :)
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good luck
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Great idea, best of luck!
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bol sans :)
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good luck
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Bol Şans!! :)
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Good Luck =)
I always have an unique perspective when approaching an issue due to my broad range of interests...
I am a vibrant,enthusiastic and cheerful person.I am a creative and hard-working individual since I...
I am a development economist who believes in down to up social and economic development.
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