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“I’m Learning Greek with Hasan Tuna” is a Greek language course-program that will be produced and broadcasted on Turkish-speaking channel Kanal SIM TV.


Kanal SİM TV is a Turkish Cypriot channel that broadcasts via local transmitters to Cyprus, via Turksat satellite to all Europe and Turkey, and via the internet through an app for smart phones and tablets all over the world.


Kanal Sim will be the first Turkish-speaking TV station starting a Greek language course. Our course will give Turkish Cypriots the opportunity to start learning Greek. This will help spread a peaceful message to both communities. In addition this pioneering effort may inspire a Greek Cypriot channel to start teaching Turkish to Greek Cypriot audiences.


The program will be structured in lessons of fifteen minutes. Two new lessons will be produced and broadcasted every week. Each episode will be repeated at different times at least four times to give people the chance to catch each lesson. New graphics and animations will be used to make the program attractive.


While our program will target the Turkish Cypriot community in general, we will try to specifically target Turkish Cypriot small and medium enterprises, NGOs, politicians, tourist guides, and Turkish Cypriots living abroad. Turkish Cypriots who live thousands of kilometers away, especially in the UK, Australia and Canada will now be able to follow Greek lessons on TV.


The team has already received feedback from people in Cyprus and abroad and they are really interested in the program. In short, ‘I’m Learning Greek with Hasan Tuna’ is a TV program for uniting Cyprus through language!


The Team

Hasan Tuna: teacher and presenter

Uygar Erdim: director

Enis Devaşan: editor

Özker Gürses and ali bozkurt: cameramen

Sami Özuslu: supervisor

Niyazi Kizilyürek: top adviser


Community Support

As a part of UNITED MEDIA GROUP, Kanal SİM TV has full support of Yeniduzen daily newspaper and Radio SİM. The program made really good waves in the Turkish Cypriot community, among NGO’s and political parties. A number them have already stated their support for the project, including  KTAMS (Civil Servant Trade Union), KTGB (Journalist’s Union) & El-Sen (Electricity Workers Trade Union). We also have good contacts abroad, among Turkish Cypriots living in London and Istanbul.


But we also want to ask for your support. Volunteers are welcome to help with the production and promotion of the program. Advisors, especially language specialists, are also welcome to help with ensuring the program is the best it can be.


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We hope this project will bring closer both communities in Cyprus. We'd like to know your ideas about the project for developing in the future.
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This project will bring closer communities each other.In My opinion It's a great project for cyprus
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its perfect
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This is a great project for peace in cyrus
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I folow all lesons and it a brilliant project ...
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I live in cyprus this project is a great step for peace building.
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It is a genuine project as per subject/content
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Its very informative project ...
Was born in Limassol, in 1968. Graduated Ege University Communication Studies and also had MA...
Works at Kanal Sim as Cameraman.
Works at Kanal Sim.
I'm burn in Cyprus. I'm work at Kanal Sim
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