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Lebanon 2040 is an online platform and campaign aiming to give citizens a voice regarding the future of Lebanon.


A lack of vision for Lebanon's future combined with precarious resources, a crumbling infrastructure and an archaic public administration are creating a difficult environment for Lebanese youth today who have to find work overseas or accept work for which they are overqualified in their home country.


Since Lebanon's political elite has not yet articulated and acted on a vision of what kind of Lebanon we want in the coming decades, the time has come to recruit Lebanese citizens from all walks of life to articulate that vision, and maybe even work collectively to promote and apply that vision once it has been well defined.


Lebanon 2040 seeks to give a voice to the citizens and foster their participation in the public debate – with the ultimate objective of convincing prominent politicians to initiate new policies which reflect citizens’ aspirations. In order to achieve that, an online competition will be initiated with the purpose of encouraging citizens to express themselves on the aspirations they have for Lebanon in the coming decades. The competition will be well-promoted in a variety of different sectors and communities. Participants will submit their entries through a specially designed webpage by answering two questions: (1) what vision do you have for Lebanon and how would you like the country to be perceived by 2040?; (2) what state institutions and resources do you think will need to be invested in the country to act on such a vision, and what tactics can be used to generate political will-power for such a vision? A jury will evaluate all entries and select a specific number of entries to be posted on the platform for the general public to vote on. Based on the results of the vote, cash prizes will be awarded to the winning vision and the 2 runners-up. Academic debates on winning visions will be held in leading universities.


The primary objective of this project is to encourage Lebanese citizens to think about the future of their country, and to consider what tools and tactics will be needed on a national level to build a better future for Lebanon. Ideally, the project will also identify ideas which can encourage Lebanese citizens from different backgrounds to work together for a common vision.







The Team


Badri El Meouchi

Badri El Meouchi was the executive director of the Lebanese Transparency Association (LTA - Transparency International’s chapter in Lebanon), and the executive director of the Institute of Directors (IoD) in Lebanon from 2005 to 2012. He supervised and coordinated LTA’s public and private sector programs to promote good governance and transparency in Lebanon, and IoD’s efforts to promote Corporate Governance (CG) in Lebanon and the region. Such initiatives have included the drafting and launching of CG Codes in Lebanon, while continuously working to raise awareness in the private sector on the principles and benefits of CG: through organizing training workshops and events and identifying companies which can serve as case studies in applying CG. Since 2012, he has worked as independent consultant providing advisory services on collective action, corporate governance and anti-corruption policies to a variety of international organizations, including the UNDP, as well as individual banks and companies in the MENA region.


Rania Mardini

Rania U. Mardini received her BBA (with Distinction, 1996) and MBA (Finance, 1999) from the American University of Beirut (AUB). She passed the CPA Examination in 1999 - with all scores within the top 10 percentile - in California where she maintains an active CPA license to date. Soon after, she joined Ernst & Young (EY), Beirut office. She left EY in 2003 to join the Olayan School of Business (AUB) where she remains a full-time faculty member, a core course coordinator, and a core / special advisor.  In 2010, she obtained her Lebanese CPA license, and in 2015 she became a Certified Fraud Examiner. She is also a member of both the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (voting) and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. She has served as a consultant for the United Nations Development Program and has authored a case on corporate governance for the International Finance Corporation - member of the World Bank Group and co-authored three scholarly articles.


Project Partner: Quantum Communications

Quantum Communications is a premium policy and strategic communications advisory firm specialized in institutional and corporate transformational communications, and the media industry at large. Founded in 2000 in Beirut, clients have since relied on the firm's particular expertise in managing intricate communication programs that deliver positive change by integrating policy, strategic communications and content development disciplines within a systematic execution framework. Quantum has the experience and expertise to navigate complex informational environments unfamiliar to conventional communication practices, and to devise programs expertly underpinned by culturally sensitive messaging to transform perceptions and behaviours of opinion leaders and audiences at large.






Badri was executive director of the Lebanese Transparency Association (LTA, Transparency...
Rania Uwaydah Mardini received her BBA (with Distinction, 1996)...
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