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Project Duration: April – December 2013


How does your project strengthen the role of citizens and civil society in stimulating positive social change?


Although there are many CSOs working diligently and passionately to address issues of highest concern to their constituents, many organizations simply lack the desired skills to produce and disseminate professional and innovative cost effective media messages. We created the project to start an inter-regional partnership that would address this need for media production skills among CSO’s in the Euro-Meditarranean region.


Through developing the on-line platform and creating a network for media professionals and artists to transfer their knowledge, we feel that CSO’s in our region will be better positioned to address many key issues they work towards.


Have you found that there is a significant need for capacity development in the area of media production?


Absolutely. The needs assessment we conducted at the beginning of our project – with organizations from Cyprus, the Middle East North Africa region as well as Eastern Europe – provided us with some interesting findings. For example, while 65% of organizations define themselves as very confident in report writing, only 18% feel confident about their media production capabilities.  There is a huge gap between what organizations feel they should do well and what they can do well. All interviewed organizations felt that the use of social and new media is essential, as well as less restricted than traditional media, in communicating key messages to the public, yet 57% describe themselves as average in their understanding of how to effectively utilize digital media.


In our day and age, as an organization you can be great at writing reports, but if you cannot effectively utilize new technology to communicate your findings to your constituents, who are you actually working for?


What are some trainings you have provided to the organizations who signed up?


Strategic Communications, Media Production, Social Media and Platform Development were some of the broader topics. We looked into questions such as How to set a digital communications strategy, How to create a 2-minute promotional video with minimal resources, How to turn your Facebook page into a website, and more. We tried to keep it as practical and pragmatic as possible. You can see what kind of trainings we offer and some video tutorials on our website.


Implementing Partners:

Cyprus Community Media Centre

Qabila Media Productions

UG Zašto ne

Near East Consulting

Universal Patient’s Rights Organisation 


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Darko gained an MA from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo, majoring in information...
Perihan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Qabila Media Productions, a media content creator that...
Hazal Yolga was born in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1987. She is the Project Coordinator and Communications...
A first class honours graduate from London Metropolitan University on BA Advertising, Marketing...
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Watch a video showing testimonials from the participants of our training here! Video tutorials can be found on the project’s website.



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