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Neighbour to Neighbour ( is a virtual neighborhood that aims to facilitate information sharing between all communities in Cyprus.


When people look for something, for example a dentist or a car repair shop,  they often ask their neighbors or friends to make a recommendation.  Neighbor to Neighbor uses the same concept to create a virtual neighborhood where people can share information and guide each other to access services anywhere on the island.


Although Cyprus is physically divided we can build relationships between all communities by building on the concept of neighborhood. We believe that people on the island share similar values, and have similar needs and desires for their future. Our project aims to create a virtual “word of mouth” system where people can recommend and/or provide first hand advice about services, products and places. In this way, Neighbor to Neighbor aims to increase the number of daily interactions between all communities living in Cyprus.


The platform can also help to support collaboration between professionals. Through transparency and information sharing this project can stimulate professionals to adopt international standards in service quality and create a culture of striving for professional excellence.



The Team


Hatice Jenkins (Academician): Establish international partnerships, write blogs

Çağhan Emirzadeoglular (IT specialist): Design & manage the project website

Spynos Zavros (Mechanical Engineer): Collect information, promote the project 

Susie Panayiotides (Teacher): Promote the project, write blogs.

Mehmet Emirzadeoglulari (Businessman): Establish contacts, promote the project

Emine Esen (Assistant Manager): Collect information, establish contacts


Community Support


Be our neighbor!


Without neighbors, “Neighbor to Neighbor” will not exist.  We need your support!  Get involved and be part of our virtual neighborhood. Tell us about yourself.  Tell us what you want to see in your community. Help us build the kind of neighborhood that you desire. Advise us how your virtual neighbors can help you to make a difference in your life. Help us  build our future together.


alaa's picture
this is a wonderful job i hope to do the same in palestine
Bibiana Koglinuu Batinge's picture
This is great,great to be a member.I hope my ideas will flow soon
sogol's picture
This sounds like a great project. i can be a volunteer and help out if you have any blogs or anything like that. i am a PhD student from EMU. Great project. Cyprus needs such a thing.
arash's picture
This project can change Cyprus a lot. Once it's out there, it will be as useful as Facebook or any other essential social media tool. It is needed here and I am happy to help it grow.
korhangokmenoglu's picture
I believe, this project will contribute the solution of many problems in Cyprus.
Cahit.adaoglu's picture
A great way of building confidence between two communities...
senersalci's picture
Over the past four decades, policy makers (say politicians) have been discussing on Cyprus conflict but they ignore the fact that bringing two communities closer is fundamental and strictly essential during peace process – given the fact that the only residents are not the head of states or prime ministers, but thousands of the inhabitants living in Cyprus island.
senersalci's picture
cont... This is good project potentially to build and facilitate e-bridge between two communities regardless the distance between them. The value added of such projects contributes and strengthen the relationship between two communities.
Mehmet's picture
Thank you and we knead your help now to spread the word to your friends , to endorse as much as they can ,'s picture
Great job, congratulations!
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It sounds pretty good! It will give an awesome feedback if it implements in an accurate procedure. Great idea! Well done!
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This look like a good way to understand for the two communitis of eachother. good luck to all of us
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I like this virtual community. It is a new world of making and gaining friends online. A very great innovation! Learn more from here:
Hatice Jenkins is a lecturer in Department of Banking and Finance at Eastern Mediterranean...
Born in Nicosia, Cyprus on April 12, 1951. Graduate of the English School in Nicosia. Studied...
I born in 1967 in Nicosia, Cyprus. I went to commercial high school at 1985, I have graduated from...
I work in a company as a Director . living in Famagusta Cyprus . I have importing and Manufacturer...
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