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One Bishkek is an interactive platform using design tools and survey data to develop a common ground and common priorities for residents of the capital of Kyrgyzstan.


According to UNDP-led urban poverty research findings and consultations with members of Association of Bishkek New Residential Areas (so called novostroika), conflicts in the Kyrgyz capital are created by two main cahllenges: (1) a lack of sense of belonging among novostroika residents due to marginalization and exclusion, and (2) the minimal presence of critical novostroika problems (poverty, unemployment, lack of social infrastructure, violation of civil, social, and political rights) in the daily discourse as opposed to messages about criminal activities which create a division between city and novostroika residents.


The One Bishkek platform will be designed to build a participatory process that shapes conflicting priorities into a vision of a contemporary and prosperous city. The website will be under the facilitation of the City Development Agency in the Bishkek Mayor’s Office and will be used to share urban design tools with the public and encourage local residents to engage with planners and decision-makers on the future of their city. Users will be able to share their concerns and suggestions and jointly imagine how to solve problems together. In addition, the platform will collect information from Bishkek residents and visitors both from on-line surveys and in the form of archives and further display the information in innovative and creative way. Members of Arysh Association of Novostroikas who will lead the project and ensure participation of novostroika residents.


Moreover, the platform will include an ‘Ideal City Game’ that will provide users with the opportunity to reflect on future of the city through an interactive game. Imaginary projects of both users and decision-makers will help start forum discussions about how to reach such an ideal settlement, how it will affect overall situation, and how each individual user can contribute to it.


Through these services, the One Bishkek platform will contribute to a better understanding of the situation and concerns of novostroika residents and help break stereotypes and prejudices. It will also help influence decision-makers to allocate more funds for addressing the deep-rooted and systemic issues affecting novostroikas and bridge the divide between city and novostroika residents.







The Team


Jyldyz Moldokulova – Manager of UNDP national programme management unit, in charge of implementation of the UNDP projects at national level in the fields of democratic governance, peace and development, environment and energy, disaster risk management and socio-economic development, will ensure timely operational support to project implementation within the budget and timeline approved. 


Lira Duishebaeva – UNDP Peace and Development Programme Manager, actively support and promote ICTs for peace project (so far mainly focusing on early warning and early response to conflicts through Monitoring Center under the Government Agency on LSG and Interethnic Relations), will help build partnerships, administer the project (according to UNDP rules and regulations), provide quality control and technical support, conduct monitoring and evaluation, co-moderate/facilitate the forum.


Dinar Turmalieva – Deputy Director of the City Development Agency: assist with drafting the project, negotiating with Mayor’s office on hosting the interactive platform, assist to co-moderate, provide technical expertise.







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good luck to the great Team!
Managing UNDP Peace and Development Dimension in Kyrgyzstan.
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