Pathways to Peaceful Coexistence

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“Pathways to Peaceful Coexistence” is an online consensus-building platform to help people from all communities in Cyprus explore the key elements of building a common vision for a unified Cyprus in the future.


Long-lasting change in any given context can occur only when it is supported by its people. The more people find a common ground in addressing the existing challenges, the more they trust each other. As a neutral and transparent platform, “Pathways to Peaceful Coexistence” will enable the target users to overcome barriers (physical or social) and share their ideas and recommendations, exploring new narratives and identities for building a common vision together in Cyprus.


One may argue that, in many instances, online platforms tend to be virtual political environments where there are many discussions taking place in a “vacuum” with no real-life impact. “Pathways to Peaceful Coexistence” seeks to overcome this challenge by acting as a bridge between the platform users and policy makers and opinion leaders. Through this online platform, users will share their ideas and build consensus on a recommendation. These recommendations will be then documented as e-publications and shared with policy makers and opinion leaders. As a result, this platform aims to empower users and motivate them to participate in a debate over their own future.


The Team


Meltem İkinci (moderator), Ahmet Sözen, Alexandros Lordos (supervisors). The moderator will be involved in all activities while the supervisors will provide overall monitoring and feedback. A web designer and a graphic designer will also be recruited.


Community Support


If you want to support our idea and get involved in creating a better future, you can do this in many ways. We are looking for:


  • Promoters: We need as many activists as possible for advertising the platform through their networks and contacts.
  • Contributors: We need volunteers to go online and share their opinions in the online platform.
  • Partners/collaborators: We need partners/collaborators from all backgrounds to endorse the concept, inform their members about the platform and help the dissemination of the consensus proposals/ recommendations.
  • Moderators: We need volunter moderators to take the lead and move the platform forward!


Total estimated budget: $26,400


Erol Kaymak's picture
The 'bridge' role is unique and deserves elaboration. This research group has a proven track record of supplying policy makers with objective information. Therefore any of the roles above are likely to be rewarding. I personally find contribution indispensable but the others are equally important.
Meltem Ikinci's picture
Dear Erol, Many thanks for your comment and support. Please also feel free to invite your friends to join our platform as well!
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Good progress: We are also receiving positive feedback from our friends on social media. Our dear friend Richard J Catherall, who is a Social Economy Entrepreneur, wrote the following: "Have taken a look, looks good. A little feedback, the think your proposal could focus more on the outcome product, i.e. the influential policy papers, which could after all generate even more support once produced and end up being more than the total of their parts. I think you could be even clearer that what makes this different is the use of technology to improve participatory democracy, and also turning opinion, perspectives and ideas into useful policy, which is normally reserved for "professionals". As I understand it, this is people's policy and goes even further than online petitions that lead to debates in parliament etc." "This is a hot topic at European level and I have a back ground working alongside a public policy team and helping them set better roots in community. This is an area Cyprus could lead and be copied."
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And I would like to share more comments from our Facebook friends! Mustafa Abitoglu: "Online democracy huh? Loved the idea! Let me know if i could be of any help. congratulations on such an innovative initiative to you and your team."
Meltem Ikinci's picture
Cyprus Academic Dialogue - CAD is also supporting us through their Facebook page! Check it out: Wonderful!!!
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Another positive comment from our colleague Nicolas Jarraud: "A small peace-building project that can go a long way with your vote" - posted on Twitter
Meltem İkinci has a BA in Business Administration from Eastern Mediterranean University and an MSc...
Ahmet Sözen has been working in the field of peacebuilding and democratization processes over the...
Alexandros Lordos has a wide range of experience spanning over the past 15 years, in the private...
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