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Pocket Planter is a web application that provides professional agricultural knowledge to the everyday user and connects them with the local marketplace.


There are several service Pocket Planter will offer to its users:


Firstly, a highly customizable project creation wizard will guide the users through the implementation of their farming or gardening  projects, no matter how big or small. The application aims to provide relevant knowledge databases in an appealing manner to three distinct end user groups: commercial farmers, experienced gardeners and novices. Our aim is to promote smarter farming practices for efficiency and less environmental impact, as well as to bring less engaged people back in touch with nature and agriculture.


Secondly, the app will work as a maintenance tool, providing relevant alerts, notifications, weather forecast, farming calendar and a predictive troubleshooting guide that will help reduce the created projects' chances of failure as well as ensure recurring users.


Thirdly, the app will allow users to get connected, learn from each other, and build joint ventures or communal gardens by facilitating the creation of a social network using tools such as instant messaging and geotagging.


Lastly, Pocket Planter gives producers the opportunity to promote their products by giving them access straight to the interested buyers and facilitating the creation of a shared marketplace where they can post available and expected products as well as available jobs and land for hire, all available on the dashboard's map. 


This project has the potential to become a hub that connects the regional agricultural business sector on multiple levels directly to the consumers and professional agricultural markets.


We believe our product will provide a social service to people in need of guidance in this subject and improve the people’s relationship with food and the land. The application will be available for free to basic users.



The Team

Ivan Charalambous is the project’s director and outreach supervisor. His responsibilities are to oversee the implementation of the program and to delegate tasks to the teams, while managing a successful exposure campaign. His background in the media and news business will help to secure the project’s high visibility to potential users and/or investors.


Gabriele Klakauskaite will be the executive manager for the data collection and implementation throughout the application’s development. Under her supervision the data will be organised into the right categories and simplified in order to be presentable in an easy and friendly form, to enhance the user experience. Her background in environmental sciences will enable her to provide a balance curation of data that will create a customisable, ecologically aware user experience.



Budget 30000 EUR


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what a lovely project
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its a good idea!
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It's a brilliant idea! where do I sign up?
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Very Interesting project guys!Good Luck!!
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Good luck with the project. My land is at your disposal for your user examples!
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guyys i believe in you! GOOOOOO POCKET PLANTER
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Good luck mates!
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good luck.
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Awesome project! I'm looking forward to using this app! It's good for our community!
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great idea!!
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beneficial all round... the world needs more projects like this asap...
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Awesome!!!!!! Really great! Make it commons, specially the garden! :D Waiting the app to be ready, I need help with my garden!!
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Sounds like a great project! Good luck!
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Good job! Keep it going!
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Go ahead!
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That's actually one of the best ideas i've seen in a while! Good luck for you!
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All the best!
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I can't wait to use it. this will be so helpful with upcoming projects!
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super cool app! best wishes
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Make us proud children! And fix my garden too!
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This needs to air, brilliant!
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I will definitely use this app!
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go guys whoooooo!!!!!!
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full support!
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Good luck to both of you! See you soon in Paralimni hopefully!
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I can consult you guys with your Mobile/Web app creation.
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Waiting for this worldwide
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Great idea!!!
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Let me know when you are bringing this to Greece!
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Thanks Ashkan! You can express your interest by hitting the contribute button, and choose either as coder or as a mentor, and we'll get back to you when we have the positive news!!
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This is something that I've been waiting since I started my little garden in my balcony. I'm looking forward to it!
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We need more brains like yours in this world!
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It's a very good idea, they have considered all relevant aspects of horticulture. My wish is that users truly engage to make it something exceptional!
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perfect idea!
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amazing idea!
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good idea
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Go for it ! Do for it! Grow for it! I will use this soft in my cellphone. Waiting to get it !
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Love it!
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what a fantastic, idea!!
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Sounds like a good idea guys, good luck with the competition. I might be interested in supporting you with some of my savings. Let me know. Muchos besos xxx
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Me gusta el nombre: "Jardinero de bolsillo". ¡Muchísima suerte!. Espero que llegue a España también esta aplicación.
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Excellent guys, count me in!
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I have travelled back and forth in time, but I couldn't find a better idea than this!
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I'm sold I want this for my house!
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good luck !!
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Must be good!
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this one is amazing!
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Exciting idea, go ahead!!!
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Amazing idea!!!


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Eco enthusiast with Bsc in Environmental science. In 2014 was an intern in a marine biology lab in...
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