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Project MUSED is an online platform that helps in finding the right person(s) to work on Projects focused on 'Digital Storytelling'. Project MU.S.E.D. stands for Multimedia Supporting the Economy by Diversity.



Due to the recent economic crisis, unemployment is on the rise. Opportunities seem to be scarce and unreachable for young people. One way of tackling unemployment is by creating new innovative businesses that focus outwards, instead of looking at a saturated market for positions. But working on independent projects or new ventures requires collaboration between people with different specialisations. There is a need for a platform that brings together young professionals with diverse backgrounds, knowledge, skills and abilities.


Project MU.S.E.D. is a digital platform where youths with diverse backgrounds can meet online and create 'Multidisciplinary Project Teams' for projects related to Digital Storytelling. The project aims to enable synergies between people from different backgrounds or different communities who can work together on simple or complex projects to earn work experience, create new ventures and business collaborations, or gain freelancing opportunities.


Initially, the projects will be focused on digital storytelling: ebooks, webcomics, digital gaming, videos, infographics, apps, websites. But in the future, the platform can also be easily extended to include environmental, non-profit/volunteering, engineering and any other kind of projects requiring team work.


Digital Storytelling Projects can be (but not limited to):

  • Digital Stories (ebooks, video, other formats)
  • Digital Games
  • Marketing/Advertising/Public Relations
  • Web/Digital Comics
  • Education by Digital Storytelling
  • Journalism


User Journey:

The Team


Nikos Malekos: Team Coordinator, with a Communication and Marketing/PR background, responsible for the Business development and Marketing side of the project.

Desislava Mincheva: Animator/Graphic Designer, responsible for the Visual/Graphics part of the Platform and Marketing activities.

Michael Theodorides: Software Engineer and developer, responsible for the design, implementation, and maintenance of the platform.



Community Support


Project Mu.S.E.D. is all about the community, building a new economy and supporting people through the whole process. Therefore we need people that understand Digital Storytelling in different formats and can carry out workshops and help with templates to guide teams on various types of projects:


  • e-Books
  • Digital Games
  • Creative Writing
  • Writing for Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing
  • Comics (Web-Digital)
  • Video/Audio projects
  • Educational material (story based)


We will also need venues for workshops & working spaces as well as advice on business and legal issues.


Budget: $29962


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Colleagues, I wish you best of luck!
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Thank you Efi!
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Adere guys!!!! Really good job! =D
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go :)
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good luck
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good luck
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Thank you all :)
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Endorsed. Lets talk more if it kicks off, the programmes I am leading at Herts concentrate heavily on digital storytelling. We got modules on interactive comics, gaming as well as new media creative writing. I would be happy to help any way I can.
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That Sound Interesting! We can will talk as soon as this round finishes and discuss some ideas or how we can work together.
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Good luck!
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Good Luck :)
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Hi guys! Great idea! Let's talk when this round is over! We can definitely collaborate in some of the projects you suggest. Good luck from the Socialholic Typewriter!
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Good Luck guys!!
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amazing project! good luck guys!! I believe in you!
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Thank you for your support
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Good luck re! You've got to love this team :)
Nikos Malekos has a Bachelor Degree in Communications and Internet Studies with a focus on Data...
Born August, 31 1990. Raised in a small town of Ptolemaida, Greece. From young age interested in...
Desislava Mincheva was born in the city of Aytos, Bulgaria, in 1988. She has studied Graphic and...
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