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Raik Shino is a gamified platform that provides opportunities for people to creatively interact and discuss the future of Sudan.


Ten years after the signing of the Peace Agreement in 2005, Sudan is still marked by conflict which negatively impacts daily lives and overall development. Space is limited for people to freely discuss a common vision for the future of Sudan and adversly impacting the development of new solutions for peace and development.


‘Raik Shino’ is Sudanese slang for ’What do you think’. The idea behind the platform is to use gamification to engage a broader set of stakeholders to discuss challenges currently affecting Sudan and come up with ideas for addressing them. Challenges will be formulated offline and will be launched on the platform for participants to discuss and solve together. Participants will vote on the ideas proposed and those who get more points will get more power with their votes and move up the ‘influencer’ hierarchy. Each game will run for 4-6 weeks, and each winner will receive a prize. Ideas proposed on Raik Shino will then be analyzed and shared with relevant stakeholders and participants, and feed into offline dialogues, including the Sudan 2030 visioning exercise, the Peace Ambassadors network working at the community-level in close collaboration with the State-level peace building mechanisms, and Sudanese academia.


The targeted users are Sudanese peacebuilders based in conflict-affected communities. The platform will be accessible on standard browsers through mobile devices, tablets, and computers, requiring low bandwidth, and be user-friendly for the non-technology savvy. Participants in areas with limited internet access will be able to post their opinions through SMS or voice message, or at locations such as community centers with computers to minimize the inequality of access.


Raik Shino will benefit peacebuilding in Sudan by encouraging critical reflection on past experiences and exploration of more innovative approaches from a broad range of participants. Once the platform has been successfully tested in Sudan, this could easily be replicated in other Arabic-speaking countries. This would give participants an opportunity to broaden their network among peacebuilding stakeholders and learn from other contexts.







The Team


Anne Kahl: Team Leader

Anne is working on conflict management and peacebuilding at the UNDP. Anne is currently heading the Analysis and Capacity Development Unit of the UNDP/IOM Joint Peace Building Programme in Sudan.


Margunn Indreboe Alshaikh: Strategic Partnership and Communication Advisor

Margunn has over 10 years of experience working in the field of crisis mapping and conflict analysis, policy research, innovation and communications. She currently heads the Partnerships & Communications Unit for UNDP Sudan.


Yumiko Shinya: Dialogue Design Coordinator

Yumiko has been involved in development and peacebuilding in Africa and Asia, and currently works for the Joint Conflict Reduction Programme (JCRP), UNDP Sudan.


Ali Ibrahim: Platform Administrator

Ali is an Economics and Political Sciences major, and has been working with different NGOs in the field of development for over five years. He recently worked as a consultant for UNDP Sudan’s foresight project.


Almutaz Angabo: Community Coordinator

Almutaz, specialized in MBA-Information System, has been working for conflict issues with NGOs and UN Agencies for six years. He is currently working with the JCRP.







mariosav's picture
Great idea! Hopefully stakeholders will listen (which should be the case if the platform becomes popular). Good luck guys!
Takuya Koimaru's picture
This design attempts an innovative fusion of new technology and network of local communities, deserves to be paid a great deal of attention.
nadia hamid's picture
Strategic Advisory & Programme Support
Abu Hoyam and Hiba's picture
I think the free and open discussions in the platform will build the trust for all to address the important issues and the challenges facing Sudan in the area of peace building and conflict resolution.
ANGABO's picture
very good idea, i think it will give a room for people to discuss many challenging issues in Sudan and how we could overcome that in near future.
adenali's picture
Great initiative. Can RaikShino become a cross-platform mobile debating application that allows people to exchange opinions and debate for free...Also, may be listened to in the short wave radio and TV, etc.
jcravens42's picture
I think it would be stronger if you could say what "challenges" might look like. Also, it's great that ideas will be shared with relevant stakeholders, but will there be tracking on their feedback re: such, their success rate with implementation or their reasons for NOT implementing an award-winning idea?
Adil's picture
This a great idea, and it will provide a platform that we lack in Sudan for exchange of ideas/share opinions.
Mutaz Murtada's picture
It,s a great project i really like the idea and i wish you all the success.
yukooaku's picture
Raik Shino sounds like an exciting new idea to generate dialogue for peacebuilding in Sudan! I'm interested to see how the "gamified" aspect of the platform would promote exchange of ideas and how it intends to include people in communities with limited communication means.
Omer Elhag's picture
Exciting idea.
Dina Kheiri's picture
This Might be very Effective. Good luck guys.
sobajo's picture
Very interesting idea, and a great platform to discuss! let's kick it off
Dakar's picture
impressive idea, keep it up
sabirbahari's picture
Nice idea, I am impressed.
molinoag's picture
Great idea, I'm for it
Tsubasa's picture
I think it is an interesting idea! I hope this system will encourage Sudanese youth's free dialogue which would contribute to the community-based peace-building.
amdarder's picture
it's a great idea.. very interesting, but the problem is that the local people themselves are not a ware of their sufferings. i think it would be better to depend on local journalists or to qualify ordinary people to be a citizen journalist. often they don't have the ability to express themselves well. Also u may ask locals to write down about their neighbors and so on. they are very close to each other and know what the others are lacking to. try your luck
cal's picture
As a peace worker in the region I think this is really great, because it amplifies stakeholder voices on different issues, there is a prize aspect that I find really appealing and its a GAME!!!!. This I believe sets it apart form many different solutions for development that are a bit too complex. The gaming factor makes it fun and useful at the same time...Lets do this
adnan's picture
Innovative idea approaching serious issues through an exciting medium.
KS's picture
Using games for serious dialogue seems interesting. Good luck!
Alsiraira Alfatih's picture
very interesting idea , communication is always the best solution .
eva.lescrauwaet's picture
Great initiative! looking forward reading more and learning from suggestions put forward by the peace embassadors' network in Sudan.
Sara's picture
It's really great idea, thinking of opportunity to participate in testing this new platform in North Darfur as Practical Action Organisation have good experiences in peace building as well as we have knowledge centers in villages where we can encourage discussion in communities level
Yumiko, a Japanese national, is currently working for one of the UNDP Sudan's flagship...
Anne Kahl is a Programme Management Specialist in Sudan at the UN’s flagship development agency,...
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