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SKILLMARKET is an app to help young people share and exchange skills and develop their potential for employability.


SKILLMARKET aims to create new opportunities for young people looking for costless methods of acquiring and exchanging new skills and knowledge through sharing or meeting up with the like-minded people. They will form a new online community, where they can exchange skills with each other. In addition to skills exchange, the application will also support its users by offering them online training options, promoting success stories, and providing motivational tips and trainings using videoscribe technology.


The app will work as a tool for networking both online and offline. Once they set up their profiles, they can match the people according to the skills that they are looking for. As the number of the users will increase, more networking opportunities will emerge. In order to boost the networking opportunities we are planning to set up designated places primarily in Famagusta region to bring the users together. The main designated space will be MAGEM. We want to assure that MAGEM’s café will be a hotspot for the skill exchange of the young people.


The ultimate goal of SKILLMARKET is to help young people in Cyprus improve their capacity, increase their potential for employment and network with like-minded users. This will create an opportunity for the young entrepreneurs to take more initiative, help to reduce rate of the youth unemployment and give overall confidence to young people from different backgrounds to live and work together.


The Team


The concept team will consist of six people with various levels of engagement. Our project managers will be Mertkan Hamit and Mustafa Ongun. Berfu Cerci and Akis Sakellariou will be responsible for communications and Paraskevi Koumi and Kasim Aykent will be responsible for content development.


Community Support


During the publicity stage of our project, we will be looking for additional volunteers to increase our visibility through social media. Moreover, any advice for the design of our app is more than welcome. We are particularly interested in people with the IT expertise in order to ensure future technical assistance of the application once the funding will be over. An app developer will be needed for our project. We are also open to collaborate with any businesses looking for skilful and creative youth.


Budget: $30,000


brusra's picture
Cant wait to contribute in ways that i can
mertkancyp's picture
Please keep tuned! We will be happy to have more people involving in our action!
mehmetizbul's picture
This is a great project with great idea. I have developed a mobile application to be used with android and IOS operating systems before for Kyrenia Municipality and I can happily help you on software development phase for this project.
ongunm's picture
Great! Thanks for the comment! Let's keep in touch, we would be more than happy to involve someone experienced in app development.
mertkancyp's picture
Great news! We are very interested with the people who had an expertise on software development. Please stay with us and we will get back to you to elaborate the ways in which you can assist us!
ccosar's picture
This is a great idea. I am looking forward to be part of it.
mertkancyp's picture
Dear ccosar can you let us know in what ways are you interested to contribute ?
ccosar's picture
I am happy to support you with the content development. Also I will be happy to promote your project to enhance its visibility!
mertkancyp's picture
Great! Please keep your eyes on our page! We will update you with the developments! Can you tell us more about your experience on this as well ?
divaulucay's picture
Sounds like a great project. I look forward to taking part!
ongunm's picture
Thanks for the comment!
bahar yandas's picture
Hello guys, when does this start?? Please let me know when you start so that i can have a profile
ongunm's picture
Hi, if we succeed, we'll let you know how you can open-up a profile.
Su's picture
As a student in Famagusta-Cyprus, I got really excited to read this great idea. This project is definitely needed in Cyprus. I would love to work with you in this, so you can count me as a volunteer. Im looking forward for the good news!
ongunm's picture
Great! Just keep in touch with us, we are happy to count you as a volunteer.
Renan's picture
Seems like a very good project. I wish you the best luck!
H_Doğan's picture
Gerçekten guzel bir çalışma :)
lemmedo's picture
great project :) I am a musician and I think this project can be very helpful for me and many of my musician friends. Please let me know when this starts because I wanna bring more artists to this project.
ongunm's picture
Dear Leman, great to hear an artist being interested in our project. We intent our project to be a useful platform especially for those who have creative skills. So, just keep in touch with us to get your musician friends involved to our project.
mervos's picture
I want to be involved as much as I can. This is what I was looking for . It will be very usefull for students like me. Good luck!
ladenn's picture
Hello everyone :) Really like your idea ...wish you guys the best of luck
Arel's picture
Iyi şanslar... Güzel bir proje
dilekcim's picture
great project! happy to help anytime :)
soner's picture
I think many people will benefit from this project..good luck!
Onur's picture
My friend adviced me to have a look. Great idea!
ckara's picture
Nice idea
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