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Slice of Life (SOL) is an online platform that will host a collection of immersive 360⁰ videos capturing eveyday life in the two Cypriot communities.


Research from the social sciences documents that where ethnic, sectarian, or other intergroup conflict is present, contact between the members of the involved groups, leads to more positive attitudes and increased trust.  The problem is, however, that in most places where such conflicts exist, the opportunities for contact are minimal. In Cyprus, Greek Cypriots (G/C) and Turkish Cypriots (T/C) have been segregated for decades; although crossing from one side to the other has been allowed since 2003, the vast majority of people on either side rarely (if ever) cross. As a result, intergroup contact is generally experienced only by a relatively small number of people. A precursor, but also a consequence, of the lack of contact with the other community is that G/C and T/C, especially those of young age, don’t know much about each other. Thus, although a number of remarkable initiatives in Cyprus have been successful in promoting contact across the two communities, most young Cypriots have limited cultural understanding and knowledge about the everyday life of people in the other community. SOL aims to increase knowledge about everyday life in Cyprus across communities, with the long-term goal of reducing outgroup negativity and increasing contact.


SOL consists of an online platform that will host a collection of spherical 360⁰ videos that capture everyday activities from the two communities (e.g., family gatherings, classroom activities, excursions etc.). Users may view the videos on their computers and mobile devices; however, the SOL prototype will link the platform to a Virtual Reality (VR) Head-Mounted-Display (HMD) though which users will immerse themselves in the scenes and look around in them by physically rotating their body. This protoype will be made available to users at different locations in the two communities and its effectiveness in promoting physical contact will be evaluated by planned scientific research.


Importantly, the goal of the SOL is not to capture sightseeing locations or other points of interest, but to provide “slices of life” from each community. We expect that through this virtual interaction people will develop understandings about the culture and habits of the people in the other community and note the similarities and differences. Such understandings may clear misperceptions about the other community's culture, which as documented by research in the social sciences, is an important prerequisite of seeking actual contact and reconciliation.


SOL will be an open-source, non-profit, community project, to which any interested individual may contribute.







The Team


Lucy Avraamidou is the coordinator of the project. Lucy has research interests in the use of technology in curriculum and instruction and holds an Associate Professor position in Education at the University of Nicosia. She will be responsible for the planning and organization of activities and will contribute on issues relating to the theoretical underpinnings of life history as well as on human-computer interaction (HCI).


Andria Shimi, a School Psychologist and a Cognitive/Developmental Neuroscientist, will also contribute her expertise on issues relating to HCI particularly with users of young age. Andria is currently a post-doc at the University of Oxford. Being an amateur photographer, Andria will also help with the development of content.


Marios Avraamides, Kleanthis Neokleous, and Yiorgos Chyrsanthou will set-up the on-line platform and oversee all technical work entailed by the prototype. Marios is a Cognitive Psychologist who uses VR for his research. He is an Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology of the University of Cyprus and the director of the Experimental Psychology Lab ( Kleanthis has extensive experience with VR equipment. He has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Cyprus and is the co-founder of Silversky3D Virtual Reality Technologies Ltd (http://www/  Yiorgos is an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Cyprus, heading the Computer Graphics Lab (


Charis Psaltis and Maria Ioannou will be responsible for selecting content that fits the scope of the project; both Charis and Maria are Social Psychologists with research interests and expertise in intergroup contact and intergroup relations. Charis is an Assistant Professor at the University of Cyprus and he is the founder and director of the Centre for Field Studies ( and the Genetic Social Psychology Lab ( Maria is a senior researcher at the Centre for Sustainable Peace and Democratic Development (SeeD) and holds a PhD from the University of Oxford.


Maria Arettines will consult the group on issues related to publicity and dissemination. Maria is a counselor and instructor at the Department of Applied Psychology at New York University. She has worked with countless non-governmental organizations, non-profits, and public and private institutions as an educator, coordinator, and researcher across the US, Latin America, and Cyprus.


Sholeh Zahraei and Kamil Saldun are the founders of Lupa Pictures (, an art production team. They have produced several short films and documentaries and have won various awards at international film festivals. Their latest film is ‘Letters to Cyprus’ which is based on original letters from 1974 found in Cyprus. Sholeh and Kamil will contribute to the promotion of the prototype through short professional video clips.







Elen's picture
Cool project! please let me know how I can help and promote the idea!
lucyavraamidou's picture
Thanks for your interest Elena! We could use some help with the video shooting so if the project goes through we can provide you with a camera to record some of your activities with friends or family :) for now, you could help by promoting the idea (this web page) to your circle of friends and colleagues.
sepgps's picture
Very good idea! I am interested in contributing so pls let me know if there is anything I can do. I believe that this kind of project is very important to Cyprus because it will help the communities to come closer, and to get to know each other.All the best!
Andreas_neocleous's picture
I find this a great idea. I would be grateful to help you in any part of this project.
vasilis.p's picture
Interesting project . Let me know if I can help...
Angela Skayia's picture
It 's a great idea!!! I think that this project is very important because it can help both of cypriot communities to learn and understand each other. Let me know if there is any way that I can help you! All the best!!!
Luiza's picture
Great idea.. let me know how I can help.
Lampito's picture
Great concept! That's a wrap :)
ckarousiou's picture
Fantastic idea! This project will enhance our understanding of the everyday life in Cyprus across communities! All the best!
C's picture
Yea, this is interesting, especially to see what kind of "realisms" it may produce and the unexpected uses & findings that will certainly come up. Also great to see this kind of project on mahallae--just now realising what the platform is about. Will think more about how to contribute..
mariosav's picture
Hi everybody....thank you all for your nice words and your willingness to help. At some point we should arrange a meeting and see how to involve you in the project. You're all welcome to join us!
Isabel S. Aran's picture
Impresionante proyecto. Muy interesante para cultivar el desarrollo de la empatia entre chipriotas, clave de la paz y el entendimiento. Let me know how I can be involved. Thanks for this great initiative.
EfiN's picture
Great idea! All the best!
mpapa's picture
Very innovative and interesting idea! Looking forward to seeing how far (in terms of time, boundaries, and appreciation) this can go!
chrysoc's picture
Great idea!!! Please let us know how we can help!
lucyavraamidou's picture
thank you Marie! you can get involved by promoting this to your students at the University of Cyprus and perhaps shoot and share some videos as well, if the project gets funded.
lucyavraamidou's picture
thank you Chryso! we would appreciate any help with the collection of videos, we will keep you posted ;)
lucyavraamidou's picture
thank you, Isabel! It would be great if you could get involved in this and send us some videos of the sports activities that the youth organization you are working at in order to give us a glimpse of young people's every day lives :)
lucyavraamidou's picture
thanks for your kind words and support Chrystalleni! We would love to have you on board with this given your expertise and experiences with art, culture and activism!
lucyavraamidou's picture
Thank you, Aggela! you could help by promoting the project to other university students, or your own elementary school students, but also by contributing with short videos of your every day life as a teacher :)
lucyavraamidou's picture
Thank you Christiana! you could help by promoting this idea to your students at the University of Nicosia, and by also contributing short videos illustrating academic and/or university student life in Cyprus!
lucyavraamidou's picture
dear friends, we created a FB page where you can follow our updates:
Myria Papavasiliou's picture
Great Idea! All the best!!!
mpetrides's picture
nice project - interesting initiative - look forward to contributing in one way or another!
christianaavraamidou's picture
I would love to contribute with some videos of my young children's every day activities :)
mzackh's picture
Powerful and creative initiative! Please keep me updated!
GeorgiaCH's picture
Excellent project! It will be a very important archive of real every day stories in Cyprus. I'm realy interested in contributing!
xaritini's picture
μπραβο παιδια! καλη δουλεια! καλες επιτυχιες!
softwarecysergios's picture
Well done sounds very interesting. Sergios from
EleniK's picture
Great project idea!!! Let me know how I can help or be involved!
vrasidas's picture
Cool idea!
lucyavraamidou's picture
Thank you Marilena, we are excited to have yours and the Cyprus Center for Interctultural Studies support!
lucyavraamidou's picture
Thank you Pambos! We are thrilled to have CARDET backing this up, and we look forward to working more closely with you on the development of the idea ;)
maria.arettines's picture
thank you Maria, looking forward to working together on this!
maria.arettines's picture
Thank you Xaritini!
marioskyriakidis's picture
Its an excellent idea! It would be really important to reinforce all the necessary conditions in order to promote contact between Greek and Turkish Cypriots!
annaz's picture
Fancinating project, great initiative! Just let me know if you need help.
niki georgiou's picture
Great idea!!!
charis's picture
Thank you all. Anna and Marios i think this will be a very useful educational tool since it can easily be implemented in the school context. Given the current conditions as you know direct contact in student population is very low. Indirect forms of contact however can prepare the ground for direct forms of contact to follow
mariosav's picture
Thanks Andrea. Perhaps we could include some videos with traditional music events? You could help us with that if you want.
mariosav's picture
Thanks Sergie. Perhaps Softwarecy can get involved? Or else, we could definitely collaborate on future projects.
anastasiaB's picture
Great idea! Let me know how I can be of help.
zembylas's picture
excellent idea. This is something which has been missing from Cyprus and it will provide a valuable educational tool to teachers and students alike. Good luck! You have my full support.
academic.contortionist's picture
This is a great initiative! The bicommunal (GC-TC) workshops I attended as a teenager truly shaped my worldview at such a formative stage and influenced much of my subsequent path. Efforts such as this, bridging the isolation of the two communities, are increasingly important, especially now that organizations that had previously spearheaded bicommunal engagement (namely, the Fulbright Committee) have a more limited presence on the island. I would love to get more involved in your project! -Alexia
mariosav's picture
Thank you guys! As we promised, people who want to get involved will be invited to do so. Alexia, I couldn't agree more with you. When I was a student in the US I attended a confidence-building event organized by Fulbright only to realize (1) how much I wasn't taught in school, and (2) how wrong were some things I was taught in school. Knowledge is key and we hope to increase it even by a bit with this project.
Filippidi's picture
wooow fantastic idea! Please let me know how I can help and promote the project!
dfdonno526's picture
Great idea!
ChristinaPaphitis's picture
Amazing idea! I would like to be involved! This is a great opportunity to show an everyday in Cyprus! Let me know how i can help with the project! :)
pavlinac17's picture
A great idea, a valuable and enjoyable tool, especially for us, elementary school educators. Thank you, I plan to start using it with my students.
lucyavraamidou's picture
Hi Christina and Pavlina, thank you both for your interest. We would love to have on board, we need teachers to either provide us with videos of classroom activities or/and serve as end users and share videos with their classrooms. We will keep you posted as we move forward with this!


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Charis Psaltis was born in Cyprus. He is an Assistant Professor of Social and Developmental...
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I currently work as an associate professor of Education at the University of Nicosia and a senior...
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