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Smart Employment Planner is a platform offering career support services for unemployed people in Moldova.


Unemployment is one of the most critical problems affecting people in Moldova, in particular women, youth and returning migrants. Many skilled people lack specific soft skills to search and apply to existing jobs. Career development services offered by UNDP require full-time physical presence of the unemployed for a period of up to 4 months. This is often not feasible for unemployed women taking care of children, disabled people, and youth not having sufficient means to cover cost of daily transportation to the centers. Moreover, authorities on local labor market are in many ways partially disconnected with the fast changing picture of unemployment which leaves them incapable to promptly react and help skilled unemployed enter the local labor market.


Smart Employment Planner is an entirely new solution that aims to respond to two needs: first, it will allow unemployed who cannot afford daily commuting to the career development centers to enjoy career support in remote mode; and second, it will provide the labor market policy makers “ethnographic” disaggregated data to inform labor market policies design and implementation.


The platform will be available online and offline and will incude: Employment Planner, Forum, Job Seeker, and Alumni Network. The Employment Planner will provide users with tailored plans and tools (i.e. short quizzes, online tailored courses, simulation videos) based on their progress in job seeking. The Forum will permit employed and unemployed to feed in real time data on labor opportunities, vacancies, and community issues. The Job Seeker will allow registered users to search in an online database of vacancies maintained by employers and career advisors in existing UNDP employability centers. The Alumni Network ensures that the registered user remains in the system after graduation to provide support to new members. At community and central levels, The Smart Employment Planner will help policy makers obtain real time information on job seeking pathways and behaviors, dynamics on labor market, employability problems and possibility to analyze user solutions.






The Team


Alex Oprunenco – Policy Specialist for UNDP Moldova, leading economic development work and providing policy advice across development areas. Since 2014 he has been also supporting UNDP Regional Center in Istanbul to explore the ways behavioral science insights and gaming can be applied into development work.


Dumitru Vasilescu – Project Manager. Master degree in international business. More than 6 years’ experience in various UNDP projects in policy analysis, employment and entrepreneurship promotion. Special interest in the field of economic analysis, MDGs, social inclusion measurement and advancement of human development.


Cristina Lisii – Communication Officer with UNDP Moldova, MiLab. Cristina is a communication and outreach officer for MiLab (Social Innovation Lab) developed by UNDP in Moldova. She is supporting efforts to apply design thinking to solve social issues, co-create solutions with people and work out laud to disseminate results.


Dmitri Belan – Research Officer with UNDP Moldova, MiLab. He is graduate of Cambridge University, MPhil in Development Studies. I'm supporting efforts to apply design thinking, gaming, and behavioral science in solving social issues, and I'm passionate about innovations in business and economy, application of innovative solutions for the settlement of conflicts.


Marin Dolinta – Career Advisor in UNDP Chisinau Career Advisory Center. He specializes in sustainable employment, employment coaching in career orientation and strategic management, especially infecting people with enthusiasm. He is particularly interested in entrepreneurship, business planning and start-up business coaching.


Jana Midoni – Project Officer. BA in International Economic Relations; about 10 years of experience in private, civil society and governmental sectors, supporting the implementation of various projects related to education, employment and entrepreneurship promotion, aid management, and similar.


Eugen Harabara - holds BA in Law and Economical Sciences and M.D in Public Administration. He is particularly interested to explore new media instruments, prototyping of software solutions, business start-up.


Denis Girbu – IT national consultant. More than 10 years of experience with software development, Web design, IT support and similar. Is currently involved as IT consultant for several UNDP projects run by UNDP in Moldova.







Mihaela's picture
I fully support the idea. As a regional SYSLAB center worker, I interact with direct participants (qualified unemployers) and some of them are from nearby villages.We have unemployed who sometimes can not attend the daily courses because are not able to cover cost of daily transportation to the center. I see the smart employment planner to be a very good and useful tool for tracking job-seeking activities and ensure the continuity of the employment process. Looking forward to see the program implemented in the country.
inna's picture
I think the project is necessary for our country. For my part, as a beneficiar in the UNDP career center, the planner will help me to do my job-seeking homework on-line, when I am not able to be present at the trainings. Just waiting to implement the tool in order to rise my chances in finding a relevant job in my town.
diana culicovscaia's picture
I support the idea, because I consider it to be very succesful for unemployed who are not able to be present in the career center space. For me is accessible to attend the daily trainings, but I observe, for my colleagues who have children or health problems, somethimes face obstacles to come for courses. Waiting the implementation of the project!
oxana's picture
I think is an interesting project and will be useful moldavian citezen how are looking for a job.
ion.bragaru's picture
I think the idea is genial for both sides: unemployed and employers. I want to suggest to the project team to take into the consideration the question: If I am an employer, how can I find employees for my company?
Dumitru's picture
It would be a quite useful instrument when searching a job in Moldova, as it lacks such online platforms. If it will aggregate the most part of offers and demands it will make a great deal!
ludmila's picture
Being a participant in a regional career center, I faced a situation when, because of health reason, I lost important information the career advisor delivered to my course mates. When the planner will be active, I am sure it will be a solution for many beneficiaries.Taking into consideration that the center does not discriminate on the basis of gender, age or physical situation, for participants with a disability it will be very useful.
Liliana's picture
This is a very good idea for sure. Its a great help and support for those who are looking for a job and those who offer a job.
andrian's picture
Mi se pare ca este un proiect foarte bun ce va avea succes pe viitor, bravo
alexandrina.botezatu's picture
We definitely need such initiatives, especially because a developed society requires a high rate of successful employment
Jliu's picture
As I understand this platform allows the improvements of soft skills for those seeking employment and the opportunity to search for vacancies. I believe this is something that is lacking in many countries and a good source would be great for Moldova! However, once implementation begins, I'm sure there will be a small gap for those who lack certain technical or certified experience for jobs that are available in the market/region. Would there be basic certified training or a direction where people can gain experience that are provided by employers or skill development organizations?
Dumitru Vasilescu's picture
Thank you for the very relevant question. The existing Career Development centers run by UNDP in Moldova are providing support to skilled unemployed to get relevant employment. Usually these persons come to full-time groups for learning and practicing and developing their soft skills in job-seeking. Such persons have BA or higher degrees and usually do not require some certification from our side. But for the users of the Planner it might be an interesting idea to connect users to providers of such trainings, including local academia, colleges, etc. We will think how we can incorporate this! Thank you!
Dumitru Vasilescu's picture
Dear friends: unemployed, including those who already found time to contribute to our concept, are invited to volunteer for the co-design stage (maybe including Olesea and Alex from one of our centers who agreed to provide preliminary feedback on the draft concept of the software) and testing. For doing so, please use the Contribute button!
Angela's picture
Great idea! Very important for unemployed people!
Allina's picture
It is a great idea. I think it is strategic important project in supporting unemployment
Zinaida's picture
I fully support the idea of the platform and the team may have all my support
Mi's picture
Very good idea,for the students who search for a good job,i hope this tool will be implemented in Moldova.I will gladly promote this project.
severina's picture
I would use the software. I search for job in chisinau.
mihail.rotari's picture
A verry good idea.
Rodi's picture
O idee foarte buna si utila. Bravo.
thefravardin's picture
why nobody didn't implemented this idea yet? i hope it will be a succes... good luck!!!!!
thefravardin's picture
in our country are many people that lost their work, this can be an oportunity to change something, to help people to gain a hope...
mary0101's picture
Bellissima idea .spero che avra successooo
Dumitru Vasilescu's picture
The idea is new to the market. We do have dedicated pages for search of vacancies, but these are very few, not regularly updated or updated with certain delays, some of these are narrowly focused on private or public sectors, etc. Our software will be unique as it will combine job planning, forum and seeking.
Iuliana's picture
As a career advisor in a regional center, I observe that we have a rate of 75% of unemployed women from the total number of participants. This shows how much women are affected by unemployment. I am sure the project win the competition and I will use it in my daily work with beneficiaries.
Dumitru Vasilescu's picture
Iuliana, this is great. We shall also try to reach recent graduates with some IT skills. The software will be also useful for people with disabilities who are motivated to get relevant employment, but who are not able to get to UNDP centers or other public services available.
Irina's picture
Great initiative indeed. Good luck to the team and hope we'll have another successful case of addressing social needs through innovative measures.
Sergiu's picture
Great opportunity for young generation to develop their professional skills. Also very useful for women who are taking care of children, as at the moment this is a current problem, taking into account last legal framework modifications on this issue. Good luck to the team and great achievements for the platform.
angela.tomac's picture
I really appreciate this opportunity for unemployed people. Beneficiaries from Balti Centre are open for innovative approach and good results for their professional development. SUCCESS!
Cristina_Berdos's picture
A very good solution for those who can not leave their homes every day. This platform should be easy to access, both for younger and older generations. Good luck!
Dumitru Vasilescu's picture
Cristina thank you very much for your comment. This would be one of the advantages of the software, i.e. the possibility to access it online and offline from home, or even a mobile device. We would be very happy if you find time to volunteer and further disseminate info on the future platform to your friends and former colleagues in Chisinau center.
madeinmd's picture
I'm a last year student and I'm looking for a job. It's quite hard to find a suitable job in the multitude/lack of offers on the local market, especially that most recent University graduates do not have working experience. In our labor environment, if you do not have working experience it is quite hard to start a career because employers have their interest to hire experienced and skilled employees. I see the Planner a useful tool, which will help to manage the path of job seeking and of much support especially for graduates without much work experience. I fully support the idea and I like so much the statistics page
nicolae.zaharia's picture
Great idea! I think it is a good solution for those looking for employment opportunities! I wish I had it during the time of my studentship :). Best of luck!
RotariIon's picture
i love the idea....good luck
DragaNI's picture
ideea este buna, astept sa fie implementata.
AdelinaJ's picture
many people would need such help,great job.
MihaiLara's picture
la moment nu am nevoie de lucru insa ma gindesc ca copiilor mei le-ar fi foarte uti un astfel de sait.Succese in dezvoltarea acestuia.
Ahmed's picture
I am from Israel but i woud like to work in Moldova, when i found out about this site i thought that is a good idea, so i want to wish you good luck, hope the site will be finished soon.
ana's picture
Working directly with people in need, i think this is a good tool for them in finding an adequate job.
Dumitru Vasilescu's picture
Dear Friends, as the number of skilled unemployed from the SYSLAB Chisinau center interested to learn more about the SEP is increasing, a small get together and presentation of the draft prototype will be performed today at 12:00H in SYSLAB Chisinau center. If there is further interest from our regional centers, we may connect via Skype. As today is the last day of the contest, let me thank all potential end-users of the software, all national partners, private sector companies who contributed with comments and suggestions on how we can improve our idea! Thank you!
staregler's picture
a very good project for everybody!!
Rodica's picture
Cred ca este o initiativa foarte buna care o sa aduca benificii atat angajatorilor cat si viitorilor angajati
Radu's picture
A really good initiative, we hope it will be useful for returned migrants, especially the option to plan the employment and search for a job. This platform will make returned migrants more prepared for current market requirements.
Tatiana Lapicus's picture
Although unemployed need training and permanent physical advice from specialists in the field, as well as exchange of experience with peers, I think, this platform can also be used in order to enhance the search capabilities of a job and an unemployed can easily find information, especially for those with higher education. Simultaneously, I believe that this platform can also be used for some beneficiaries of the SYSLAB Centers, especially when they are at the stage of active search of a relevant job.
Victoria Belous's picture
Great initiative for all unemployed, especially for Republic of Moldova!
dirzudaniela's picture
I represent a regional NGO working with and for young people since 2003. One of our programs is directed towards supporting young people in their transition from education to labour market. According to the researches we conducted last year, a large number of young people lack the knowledge necessary for searching, getting and maintaining their first job. The majority of these young people are from rural areas and from low income families and sometimes it is difficult for them to participate to various activities aimed at develompent of their personal and professional skills. Thus, I believe that this platform is a great opportunity for the youth in Moldova to plan thier career and ease their way towards employment.'s picture
It`s a very good opportunity for our society, especially for unemployed people. Our country needs such types of initiatives! Good luck!
Cobuscean's picture
Good initiative and interesting challenge. This platform may create new insensitive for all participants.
Dumitru Vasilescu's picture
Dear Daniela, thank you for the important input. One important task for our team would be to ensure wider dissemination of the concept to such potential end-users, i.e. unemployed youth in rural areas. Moreover, would be very important to involve such persons in the co-design and testing. The software would be very useful for this category as these persons have relatively high propensity to migrate for work outside the country.
Dumitru Vasilescu's picture
Dear Tatiana, as discussed today during the presentation of the concept in SYSLAB Chisinau, your idea is very good and we should try to test the software in the full-time groups of beneficiaries in our career advisory centers. Furthermore, we could also think about some tutorials and hints for self-employment.


Project Manager with UNDP Moldova in the Policy analysis , Entrepreneurship and Sustainable...
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