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Stars Club is an online platform to help raise funds for civil society organizations and enable donors to make informed contributions while enjoying club membership rewards.


Stars Club will establish an online club of civil society supporters who can use the platform to choose which causes to support and earn rewards in return for their charitable actions. It’s a time-saving collective approach to fundraising. Stars Club will also offer access to modern fundraising technologies to smaller NGOs who are unable to set up their own online systems.


All member NGOs will be listed on the Stars Club online platform with detailed information about their work and their needs. Users and donors will be able to sign up on the online platform, browse through many different organizations and causes and make informed decisions about which causes to support. With each donation users will collect points which they can exchange for rewards offered by local businesses.


Stars Club will generate income by charging a small administration fee on each donation and also receiving an annual membership fee from each member NGO. For those NGOs who are not able to cover such expenses some exemptions will be made. Sponsorship agreements will also be arranged with technology providers in order to sustain the existence of the web platform. Volunteer recruitment is also an important part of sustainability efforts.



The Team


Cicek Gockun is responsible for the execution of the whole project and will be involved in networking activities, particularly in relation to engaging NGOs.

Didem Gurdur is responsible for overseeing the initial design and launch of the platform and providing technology advice to the rest of the team.

Eminay Yurtseven is responsible for supporting the platform to become a sustainable business and for attracting for business partners in order to sustain the rewards system.

Faika Deniz Pasa is responsible for the execution of the project and will provide legal advice to the rest of the team.


Community Support


Stars Club will need help from the local community in order to succeed. We are looking for:


  • Volunteers to provide support in organizing networking meetings, drafting marketing materials, distributing marketing materials via social media, personal networks and business networks.
  • Advice on providing secure web services and knowledge about e-commerce systems.
  • Contacts with businesses that already have Corporate Social Responsibilty projects to learn how to better respond to their needs and expectations.
  • Contacts with NGOs to solicit their input so that we can better achieve our overall target of providing financial support for civil society.


The project will require $16,745.

Cicek is a Political Science graduate with a Human Rights postgraduate degree. She is currently...
Passionate marketing and strategic business development professional with experience and skills...
Faika Deniz Pasha is an advocate. She holds an undergraduate degree in law, advanced masters in...
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