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STEP is a free online platform where students from Cyprus can experience professionalism by practicing on real-life projects posted by organisations and companies from Cyprus.


The platform will be designed for undergraduate and graduate students from different disciplines and universities in Cyprus. The students will be able to view, access, and work on projects posted by local organisations and companies. The organisations and companies will post projects related to their business and approve students to work on these projects. Instructors from Cypriot universities will mediate the exchange and will be able to approve the students‘ work as part of their courses.


There are no similar websites currently operating in Cyprus. Universities have Career Offices where they mediate to assign students for internship opportunities during their studies and connect academics with industry for research purposes. But there is no integrated, island-wide approach to offer opportunites to students from all universities.


That’s why the long term goal of STEP is to provide a large bank of projects that allow students of any age to get hands on experience with real projects and improve their employability skills. Initially, the platform will be developed using a pilot set of users: students from the Multimedia and Graphic Arts Department of the Cyprus University of Technology. Cypriot organisations and companies will be asked to join the platform via the Liaison Office. In addition, the department has already affiliations with Microsoft Cyprus and a number of local small businesses. Starting with these connections, STEP will carry out a pilot run of the the platform. The final goal of the STEP platform is to become sustainable and expand across the Mediterranean region by including projects from businesses and industries from other interested countries.


The Team

Branding: Eleni, Efi, Designer, Marketer

Functionality & Design requirements: Eleni, Efi

Graphic Design: Eleni, Efi, Web Designer

Web Development:  Eleni, Efi, Marios

Evaluation: Eleni, Efi, Marios, Participants

Organisation Liaison: Eleni, Efi, Panayiotis, Marios, Advisors     

Marketing: Eleni, Efi, Panayiotis, Marios, Advisors



Community Support

Help students STEP to real-life job experiences! Give students real support by helping developing this idea into reality.


STEP will be successful if:

  • We develop a usable platform
  • We host projects from various organisations regardless of size, discipline and country
  • We make students understand its purpose and succeed in requesting projects from organisations
  • We ensure that the platform enhances the gap between the academic world and the needs of industry
  • We advertise and bring in people!


If you can provide any help on the above, then join us! We are looking for:

  • A volunteer Graphic & Web Designer

Venues for organizing events. These could be universities or big organisations that are willing to volunteer and share their big conference and lecture rooms as well as their marketing officers for promoting the event.

A volunteer Marketing Advisor

Organisations/Companies that are interested in providing projects for students to work on, especially in the area of Sciences such as Multimedia and Graphic arts, and Computer Science.


Click on Contribute to provide specific support on one of the above


Total Budget: $30,000


nefidarden's picture
Good luck!
EfiN's picture
Thank you!!
yesilady's picture
Good luck, nice idea!
Nikola's picture
Good Luck STEP. Nice idea!u rock!!!
photiadis's picture
Good luck :)
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Great idea!! Best of luck!!
martha's picture
Great idea!! Good luck!
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really good idea ! ! All the best to all of you ! ! :)
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All the best!
kmieeeypcy's picture
Very good idea!
Giorgos's picture
Great initiative. Efficient coordinative networks is something definitely missing from Cyprus.
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Very good idea! Good luck!!
Athina Petridou's picture
All the best! Nice idea!
eleni's picture
Thank you! Indeed coordinative networks is missing from Cyprus and I take this opportunity to also point out that these networks should also be efficiently collaborating between them. As organisations is usually difficult to collaborate between them, this platform is the connection, the coordinator (what George above called as "coordinative network") between students and organisations. So it would be great if we see the interest from such organisations as possible collaborators or willing to participate by posting projects for students.
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Excellent idea. Worth to be considered!
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This is an excellent initiative!
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Our team ( works everyday with students in Cyprus and we are positive that they would be really interested in using a platform like STEP. STEP will give them the chance to get practical experience and bridge the gap between theory and real work environment. On the other hand, based on the findings of our research in the local market, a lot of companies understand the importance of working with young talents therefore there is no reason why companies won't offer projects on STEP. This is a great idea!!
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I believe that this is a great idea. Wish I had this during my studies. A suggestion is that you will need to consider disciplines that need specific laboratories that are usually based on the company that will list the project so it will end up more like an internship. I can see your platform as tool that will provide a bank for internship positions as well. Good luck!
eleni's picture
Thank you all for your support so far! We made some new important networks during this stage! Look forward to collaborate with the ones that expressed interest and see our students finally work on real projects but also yes expand this platform to other communities and countries.
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All the best! Great idea!
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