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Tag'n'Fix is a smartphone application that helps people to improve their neighbourhoods collectively.


People can use Tag’n’Fix to mark physical and structural problems in any given neighborhood (i.e. potholes, dumped garbage or waste, broken sidewalks, burst water or sewage pipes). The application then aims to speed up the reaction time to solving such problems by involving local authorities. One of the problems that usually slow down this process is the limited resources of the local authorities to patrol the city and identify every single problem. Tag’n’Fix provides a crowdsourcing solution to address this issue.


Tag'n'Fix gives citizens a chance to have a direct impact on issues affecting their everyday lives and their surroundings and provides local authorities with an up to date database of problems that can be responded to and fixed.


Underneath the playful facade of the Tag’n’Fix lies a powerful knowledge source for local authorities. Tag’n’Fix not only provides a list of problems with locations and images posted by citizens, but also statistical information on the trending, recurring problems all around the city. Moreover, data collected in the system will help local authorities and the public to measure the efficiency of the actions taken.


Users will be able to download the application free of charge from their relevant online store. The app allows users to score points through tagging and once the problems they have tagged have been fixed. Frequent and reliable users will earn badges as they tag and get more problems fixed. Local authorities will subscribe to the app administrator for access to direct information and statistical data of the nature, frequency or trends regarding the problems experienced or submitted.


The Team

Ali Elgin: App design, development, and implementation.

Dogus Bozkurt: Graphics design, user interface design, design of promotional materials.

Suphi Deger: Production of promotional materials, social media engagement, media presence.

Cafer Elgin: App development and testing.


Community Support

Are you tired of your municipality's lack of response or negligence when it comes to your neighborhood? Do you wish you could have a direct say in solving problems you face every day? Are you ready to take an initiative? Now there is no easier way to access your local decision makers or fixing your neighborhood's problems than Tag'n Fix. It’s free, quick, easy and fun to use! Help us test it and spread the word!


Total Budget: $17,500


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Bravo, A very nice project!! I wish you get the support and make it.
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cool project! can't wait to see it works.
I am software developer with a passion for real time image processing. I currently work for BRTK...
Suphi Deger is an experienced communications officer that has vast experience in event...
Dogus Bozkurt is an experienced graphics designer whom I have been working together for almost a...
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