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Talaka.by is a mobile app and web service that helps people in cities across Belarus monitor city problems, generate ideas, and implement solutions.


Many people in Belarus do not believe in the possibility and reality of change, both at the city level and at the level of the country as a whole. One of the reasons for this is the alienation from the urban space cause by a lack of effective communication both between city people and between the city people and the administration. These circumstances hinder the development of civic initiatives.


Talaka.by aims to bring together different groups of people that often exist in parallel: those who notice problems and report them, those who know how to investigate a problem, those who generate ideas about how the problem can be addressed, and those who are willing to take targeted action. As such, Talaka.by functions based on a four-step implementation principle: complaint – investigation – idea – implementation. Following this principle, users will be able to post their complaints, suggest a possible solution for the problem, publish a project idea, or join the project discussion and implementation.


At present, there are a large number of platforms for discussion in the world. However, Talaka.by is qualitatively different because it provides an "all in one" service for project implementation. People willing to participate in social change and innovation need to visit just one place that will provide them with all the necessary information and tools (both online and offline). The information will be presented in a convenient form and the discussions will be facilitated through a user-friendly interface with gamification elements. Moreover, the platform facilitates the creation of a Social Action Network by bringing together problem-solvers who are motivated to take action for the improvement of their cities. The key difference between the Social Action Network and other social networks is the return from online to offline, so that people participating in the platform solve problems existing in the offline using modern online technology.


Thus, our platform will not only enhance the involvement of citizens in identifying of problem areas, but will offer them an opportunity to easily find like-minded people and organize themselves so that to solve problems without outside help.








The Team


Yauheni Klishevich

Founder and Director, Talaka.by public platform; Sustainable Business (an online magazine, created to promote the Corporate Social Responsibility in Belarus and to arrange a dialogue between business and socially active people); Social News, Analysis and Communication Agency (an agency whose task is to aggregate information about solutions in the social sphere – social projects, urban development, charity, cultural initiatives, CSR, activism, as well as to prepare analytical materials and to facilitate communication between actors in the social sphere).


Ivan Vedenin

Creative Director, Talaka.by public platform. Intellectual co-founder, developer of the platform technology and principles of operation. The leader of the “Social Entrepreneur” course of Talaka.School. Over 8 years of work experience in IT and telecommunications. Over 3 years of work experience in advertising. Over 8 years of experience in developing and conducting of trainings, seminars and lectures.


Catherine Pukach

Project Consultant, Talaka.by public platform

The leader of the “Project Consultant” course within the framework of Talaka.School, the supervisor of the group of the Talaka.by project assistants. Over 14 years of work experience in social initiatives. Over 8 years of work experience in project management, event-management. Over 3 years of work experience in consulting for project management.


Aleh Larychau

Communication Specialist, Talaka.by public platform

Project coordinator of the Signal street art movement/ street art festivals organizer in Belarus since 2012.







Ptushka's picture
This is a very useful project for Belarus!
Poisonko's picture
It is a very useful project that helps already many people in Belarus and also me, as a journalist. I find all time new and ineresting projects for my arcitles
Viktorcity's picture
I work in the city administration. We also discussed a similar idea, but can not find developers. Well, the guys are doing it!
mariosav's picture
Wonderful idea! Something like this should exist in every country. I think there are always motivated people to tackle any problem that arises and what you suggest is a nice way to coordinate efforts. Good luck!
OlenaS's picture
This project is one of the greatest one that i know. Main power of it is that it is not concentrated on the resolving one problem, but in spite of that it provide a bunch of instruments, that can helps to solve city and social problems
Vadim's picture
my friends are waiting for this project. Become a volunteer with pleasure
Dzmitry's picture
I participate in Talaka.by more than 2 years. These guys are doing really important thing for our country, especially now. Very cool would be if finally start section with an opportunity to discuss ideas. Since my project, I have not, but a lot of ideas.
jcravens42's picture
I don't quite get how ideas and reporting will lead to offline action, how offline action will be identified and measured, how those that should be taking action on an issue, but aren't, will be "called out", etc.
matt's picture
We got to know Yauheni and the Talaka platform when a member of our community wrote an article about them (it's here: https://edgeryders.eu/node/4017 ) and we met them in our workshop afterwards. Based on experience with "changemaker engagement" in our own community, I am impressed by their integral concept and how it worked out so far. Wishing the best of luck!
albertocottica's picture
Same like Matt. Yauheni and Talaka deserve wind in their sails and continued development.
Alex.kar's picture
This is a great project for the whole Belarusian startup industry. As well project is unique for our country. Talaka-team every day makes the project better and better. Special thanks I would like to say for the local crowdfunding platform "Talakosht". I've been waiting for something like "Talakosht" long time:) Good luck, Talaka!
Yauhen's picture
Thank you for your feedback, Miroslav! When we updrade our platform, and be sure that it works well, we will share our experience with anothe countres
Yauhen's picture
Hello, Victor! Could you please contact me on talakaby@gmail.com? Propably we wiil manage to make this project with partnership with you
Yauhen's picture
Hello, Jayne! Answers on your questions: "I don't quite get how ideas and reporting will lead to offline action" When people have some problems or difficulties, they report it or discuss a problem. As long as they do it, they become more engaged in it, they see people like them, see how it can be solvde and that possible changes are real. Offline actions appear when a project starts (project starts on the base of problem and complains). At this moment we have a community of engaged in problem people and and a project devided on tasks, that people from community can choose and do. That in general how it works. "how offline action will be identified and measured" Team of any project make a blog reports about realisation. It is obligatorily if team want have a loyalty of a community. All done actions you will see on a project page and in blog of a project. "how those that should be taking action on an issue, but aren't, will be "called out", etc." It is a work of author of a project, hard work :) Because all members are volunteers. Leader of a project should motivate and control memebers that tacking action on an issue. It other hand, there is a reputation on our platform, member that said that will do a tsak, and haven't done it, lower his reputation.
Yauhen's picture
Hello, Matt! Nice to see your here! Thanks for your feedback, we try do our best!
versoni's picture
It's a very useful project! Ready to join you)
yuliashe's picture
There are a lot of problems to discuss and solve. I think you do a good job!
melovanochka's picture
If you will need any nonprofessional volunteer help - just let me know
penko's picture
I guess it could be easier to solve current problems using this app than going to city administration or calling to state services.
Rachel's picture
Its very perspective young project. Belarus needs such people and projects!
Founder and Director of the Talaka.by public platform. Founder and Director of Sustainable Business...
Communication Specialist, Talaka.by public platform. Since 2012 - present - project coordinator of...
Project Consultant, Talaka.by public platform. The leader of the course “Project Consultant”...
Creative Director, Talaka.by public platform. Intellectual co-founder, developer of the platform...
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