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WoMEnpower (WE-ME) is a community platform that aims to link women mentors and mentees together. More specifically WE-ME will be developed for helping young women receive support and advice in regards to self-improvement, aiming to increase their self-esteem, personal and social power, and solidarity.


WE-ME aims at encouraging dialogue and mentoring between women both online and offline. The project will consist of different components: an online exchange platform, where women across the Euro-med region can share their stories and overcome barriers, bimonthly successful narratives/stories from women in Euro-med region, and a social media plugin that will encourage visitors to share content with their friends and followers.


Moreover, the platform will also allow its members from various parts of the world to organize local WE-ME mentoring meetings, seminars, and fairs and a yearly regional WE-ME Mentoring-Fair for the Euro-Mediterranean region. These events are expected to allow women to exchange ideas and develop a community of mentors and apprentices.


Our final goal is to provide women with practical advice on how to deal with difficulties in their personal and professional life in order to overcome the glass-ceiling effect and promote gender equality. We are committed to work towards the elimination of the stereotypical woman profile as excluded from economic, political, and professional life and promote women’s empowerment, equality and social cohesion.


This project joins forces between three academic entities of the Cyprus University of Technology: Cyprus Interaction Lab of the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts, Department of Hotel and Tourism Management and Department of Nursing, along with several associations (Association for Computing Machinery of Women-ACM-W) who support us. Moreover, we have already approached other associations in Cyprus and the wider Euro-Mediterranean region that are interested to contribute to the development of our project (POGO Women‘s Association in Cyprus; Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies; Women's Study Group in Malta).




The Team


Dr. Andri Ioannou: Management and Platform Development.

Dr. Maria Kapardis: Desk research and WE-ME Mentoring fair.

Dr. Christiana Kouta: Research and evaluation of the platform.

Antigoni Parmaxi & Christina Vasiliou: Research and Platform Development.

Giorgos Lambrou: Graphic design (platform and advertising material).


Community Support


The WE-ME team will need support from research centers, businesses and health care centers as well as organizations that have an interest in gender studies. Support from these organizations is expected to help the development and evaluation of the platform as well as its dissemination. Moreover, we seek support from individuals of any background who have an interest in our cause.


The total budget is $30,000.


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Good luck! :)
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Good Luck! Great Idea! I can help on the platform development and evaluation
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Good luck! Great idea!
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Thank you! @ Eleni you are on board!
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Love it! Good luck! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help! :)
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i support..
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I am one of the mentees!Already contributed!Best of luck!:)
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Great idea! Good luck.
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I support this initiative GREAT idea
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What an interesting idea! All the best!
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