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YuBiz is a new, web-based ecosystem geared to help young entrepreneurs cooperate and initiate their professional career, get started with their ideas and convert them into real and plausible concepts and businesses.


Yubiz is a free technology platform offering a combination of technology tools and real human services aiming to achieve tangible and realistic impact:


Funding: YuBiz will inform young people on funding opportunities and assist them along the process of applying for funding.


Collaboration and Partnership: Our platform's ability to analyze user profiles and requirements and provide the best matching amongst them will help young entrepreneurs to develop collaborations and partnerships.


Mentoring: The YuBiz mentor team consists of experienced and successful individuals from a multidisciplinary industry spectrum. Backed-up by collaboration tools, mentors will deliver quick and efficient mentoring and guidance helping the users overcome technical and business obstacles.


Job Opportunities: YuBiz will offer young people access to job opportunities deriving from their community and beyond through a smart tool that will match company vacancies with youth seeking employment.


Replication: YuBiz will be based on open technology tools and modular architecture which will enable its effortless replication in any other country or region.


Yubiz is a non profit initiative backed-up by a consortium of organizations and companies thatwill support the development and dissemination of the platform.  Our scope and vision has attracted interest from numerous companies and organizations willing to offer support, including a key telecommunication company which has committed to offer free services and financial help for the dissemination and marketing of the platform.



The Team

Dr. Panayiotis Philimis: Project Manager, Platform sustainability and funding

Mr. Michalis Stylianou: Project Manager, Mentors and Users engagement

Dr. Alessandro Giusti: Platform Development

Mr. George Georgiou: Platform Development, Online marketing

Mr. Moyses Moyseos: Marketing and Users engagement


Community Support

YuBiz works because of in kind contribution by individuals who have chosen to invest their time in helping young people.  We would love to have more people join our team from the following areas of expertise:

  • Software Developers:  We need developers across multiple disciplines
  • Web and UI/UX Designers: We are looking to have a cutting edge, modern feel to the application with a smooth flow of interaction.
  • Mentors:  Professionals that can cover as many aspects of the different industries.
  • Organizations/Companies: Any legal entity willing to offer in-kind contribution and help.

Sponsors: Legal entities or individuals willing to support financially the initiative.


andreas.styl's picture
Great idea guys !!!
stavroshadjiyiannis's picture
Great idea. Keep on with the good work guys.
michalis.st28's picture
We would be glad to hear your comments on our concept.
elenicol's picture
Great Idea! Very important solution for young people especially these difficult times.
andreas.achilleos's picture
Congratulations. Great Idea! Good luck.
machi.ziakopoulou's picture
Πολύ ωραία ιδέα. Καλή επιτυχία παιδιά.
michalis.petrou's picture
Go on. Very interesting initiative.
pavlos.michael's picture
You have my support. Good luck!
michalis.st28's picture
We would like to thank you all for your support and your contribution.
c.christodoulides's picture
Good luck
Angelos.kle's picture
great initiative. all the luck
Angelos.kle's picture
Just a question. The mentoring will only be provided through the platform or through direct meetings also? Thanks
panikos01's picture
Mentoring will be provided initially through the platform. We estimate that within 6 months from the lunch of Yubiz we will be able to offer face to face direct mentoring.
alitke's picture
I like the idea very much and it seems well elaborated. Please pay special attention to facilitate the communication between young entrepreneurs and mentors through the platform in an easy way as much as possible. Good luck to your idea!
michalis.st28's picture
Antoni, thanks for the comment. The quick, robust and efficient communication between users and mentors is a fundamental target of Yubiz. Towards achieving this target we will incorporate specialized communication tools able to establish the interaction between users and mentors and at the same time, dynamically enrich Yubiz's knowledge base with the information generated from the communication instances, so all the users will eventually have access to it.
demetris.ioannou's picture
I find the idea very promising. Hope to be able to attract a significant volume of young people. Consider my help granted.
Stavriana's picture
humbly offering time as mentor
nioannou's picture
humbly offering time as mentor
michalis.st28's picture
Dear Nikos, thanks for you offering. We have added 2 more positions for mentors within the contribution section so if you want you can register yourself as mentor there.
1974poly's picture
This is an excellent initiative!!! I wish you all the best!
nicolas.stylianou's picture
Hope you proceed and establish this platform. I believe it has a lot to offer.
marinos.georgiou's picture
Please consider my offering as a mentor. The contributions are already full for this category but I believe you could use some more. Thanks.
cosion's picture
Great ideas guys! Please consider me as a mentor.
Elena's picture
Excellent initiative for youths. Consider me as a mentor
cybersniffer's picture
Thanks.. http://www.google.com
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