Match Making (Young Entrepreneurs)
Describe the problem that you want to address. How does this problem effect people in their daily lives?

Collective thinking yields to cooperation and fruitful exchanges, and 2 heads (or more) are always better than 1! We are planning to have an online exchange platform (through the Mahallae network), where an enterprenuer across the Euro-med region can share their idea and look for partners in order to move their enterprenuerial idea forward.  This platform could either be part of the existing Mahallae structure or stand alone, where the online tool will be designed as an interactive site, allowing users to register not only their details, project idea, etc, but also search for other ideas to discover potential collaborations.  The tool will be designed in a simple format but will ensure maximum user friendliness and ease of access so not to exclude less technologically literate young people across the region.  For example, someone from Cyprus would like to start a website based on time bank idea, where different people can utilise each other's skills and pay for it not by money but by swapping skills.  Through this platform, they can connect with a web designer from Egypt who can design the website, and perhaps someone from Lebanon who would like to start the same idea there.


This cooperation will not only ensure across the region cooperation, but also enable young people to flourish their ideas.  As the platform's outreach in the region is already well established, the existing platform will contribute to the success of the initial phase of the project.