An app for NGO Directory
Describe the problem that you want to address. How does this problem effect people in their daily lives?

How many times active citizens in Cyprus are sitting in a cafe or in a meeting and trying to find another organisation to work together in a project or are ready to attend another meeting and they dont know where is the location or searching for the details of the organisation? A simple step is needed to ensure more collaboration between NGOs in Cyprus! A phone application which will work as an NGO Directory!

The aim of the project is to develop an application for iphone and android telephones that will offer information about NGOs in Cyprus. The application will be linked with the existing and soon updated Cypriot CSO Directory that is offered in English, Turkish and Greek. The website provides a space for all NGOs in Cyprus in both community to insert their details (name of the organisation, contact details and aim of the organisation). This websites have been very popular in both communities and used by other NGOs for networking purposes, from authorities for public consultation purposes and from private companies for Corporate Social Responsibility. The website is updated by NGO Support Cente and Management Centre based on the information they receive by NGOs who registrer in the directory. In addition, there is an attempt now to update the website to have online features of registration by NGOs, including networking tools such as calendar of events.

The need for a phone application came up several times when the applicants received a telephone call from friends and colleagues asking them the details of one NGO in Cyprus or requesting information to find an organisation working in a specific area. The answer was always that people are workign best as source of information but sometimes they are unavailable. A handy easy access phone application could work perfectly for a source of information.

What we propose here is the development of  mobile application for iOS and Android smartphones (with applicability of 97% in smartphones in Cyprus) which will be connected with RSS feeds with the website and will have all the feeds with information for NGOs in Cyprus. This information is name of the organisation, aims, category, address, tel, email and website. In addition a calendar will be available showing the events of the day by NGOs in Cyprus and all upcoming events shared by NGOs. In addition through the geolocation the user can see in the map the location of the NGO or the location of the event. With the near me button they can also search for organisations near them. 

The innovation part of the application results from the immediate need for something easy for citizens. An enabling Civil Society in Cyprus is an existing need to ensure active citizenship and to build a common vision for the future. Access to information and space for network is an initial step to 

engage citizens and offer them an opportunity to network and work together for a common vision in their community.

We believe that innovative tools should be provided to NGOs and non organised citizens to come together, share experience and great joint spaces and events. Such a tool will create a dynamic that could be used by all stakeholders in both communities and will contribute to develop an enabling civil society that helps its citiznes to interact, network and develop joint work. 

The application that we propose will be accompanied by a number of promotional activities such as links to existing websites and applications in Greek and Turkish as well as social media adverts. In additional promotional material will be send to all NGOs in Cyprus with the message register, update, network and share in order to inform them about the application and its possibilities. 

The idea will be implemented by Nadia Karayianni and Savvas Charalampous as well as with a key person that has been running the directory in Turkish. As far as the design of the application and the technology, that will be done by Demetris Demetriou and Giannos Ioannou who have extensive experience in designing and promoting application in Cyprus (including Kathimerini application, 24h sports).