Describe the problem that you want to address. How does this problem effect people in their daily lives?

‘JoinIn’ will be an online platform and mobile app (Android/iOS/Windows phone) that alerts users when fellow citizens or civil society organizations that deal with social issues, are in need of support. This platform will enable citizens to have instant updates on social problems and initiatives in real-time.  


Using the information from these updates, they will be able to connect and exchange their time and skills in line with the needs of the society they belong to. The intention is that the service will be free to use and eventually fully monitored and sustained voluntarily by a committee of trusted users (admins).  


Due to it's nature, the idea and concept of the proposed platform does not have any geographical limitations and can expand to both communities and throughout the region as a tool which will allow civil society organizations to expand their outreach, better promote their work, causes and actions/events but also for all citizens to become better informed and more involved in social initiatives


Overall Aim:  


  • To create an online centralized access point that is open to all the people of Cyprus.
  • To promote social inclusion  and promote active citizenship by creating a gateway to information regarding short-term and long-term social causes
  • Inform the general public about non-formal education and skill building opportunities or potential vacancies or needs for volunteers by CSOs




By centralizing information regarding the urgent and long-term needs of our fellow citizens we will create a social “wave” of personalized social responsibility, that has momentum, impact and the potential to grow and evolve in times of transition.


The main objectives of JoinIn are:


  • To effectively connect people's important individual needs with other people’s skills and willingness to help, in real-time
  • To promote active citizenship by inspiring a new way of thinking - a shift of mentality that will motivate citizens to become more engaged in social issues and causes
  • To use easy-to-understand and non-formalized messages and visuals that entice and invite individuals to ‘join in’ and connect with each other for positive social change.
  • To support and promote already existing social initiatives and causes and create awareness that will eventually lead to a mass understanding of civil efforts in Cyprus  and inspire more individual engagement and involvement.