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An On-line Tool for supporting Youth Employment, Entrepreneurship and StartUp Community in the Euro-Mediterranean Region


In the last decades we have witnessed an increasing  number of people graduating from colleges and Universities from Cyprus and abroad. The fact is that youth unemployment across Europe has reached 20% while in most mediterranean countries range from 30-50%. Many times these graduates feel that they have been abandoned  and they start thinking to get their luck in their own hands by creating their own business. They will first try to find people that share their own Business ideas and vision for what opportunities are out there. Then they will collaborate and work hard until  either they succeed or move on creating something new.


Today in the global economy its very important to create synergies. Synergies  of people that have the energy to create something new, even though this is not an easy task. They need guidance, they need somewhere where they can work together, brainstorm and exchange ideas, they need investors and other related services around them.


For this reason its important to create a versatile online Tool which includes a directory with all the stakeholders in the startup industry. This would not be only a directory. It will be a virtual place in which synergies will be born. It will be a place where Young Entrepreneurs will be able to find others that share their own vision and ultimately collaborate to create a new startup.


The MedStart tool will include organisation details, job opportunities and a blog for easier collaboration between all interested parties. A number of curators will be allocated for each region that will act as administrators of the MedStart tool.


The  MedStart tool is a web portal that will include the following features:


  • Form a new Startup: If you are a graduate and you want to create  a new team you will only have to write down your general idea and ask for other fellows to join you
  • Startups: Have you already formed  a team and decided about your future products and plans? Then LIST your self there to let the world know about you (and also the investors)
  • Accelerators: Its important for all these entrepreneurs to know where to go if they need guidance with their startup
  • Co-working Spaces: Opportunity to easily find a coworking space  by using the directory
  • Investors: Are you ready for the next step?
  • R&D Centres: Local centers to support and recruit young researchers and entrepreneurs
  • Community
  • Services
  • Events /newsletter
  • ZOOMABLE map: for easy browsing of all info for each organisation
  • Mobile App: for easier access