Describe the problem that you want to address. How does this problem effect people in their daily lives?



Qualitative internal local tourism has taken another perspective, especially due to the economic status around the globe that restricts people travelling as much both in terms of cost and time. People are now traveling around and within their own country and even town and use alternative ways of exploring.

What happens though when a family, a couple or a group of friends have some limited time to spend on their Sundays or even Saturday afternoons? What happens when they have restrictions on the type of car they can travel? Where they should go for a snack or coffee that is not advertised or sponsored?



An application for smartphones (RouteTouring) where people can search for routes around their country based on specific criteria: length of trip (km), time spent for the whole trip/route, type of car needed, hiking, bicycling, number of attractions. These routes are actual tours uploaded by users and not a travel agent or a government tourism organisation so it reflects a more alternative way of traveling without sponsor or the standard attractions with a chance of discovering the “real diamonds” of a place along with the common sightseeings.



Think of the following scenario:

Mr. John wants to spend his Sunday with his family but they do not want to stay in town. They have a whole afternoon to spend and would like to go towards the mountain. They all get in car and headed towards “Moni Maxaira” from Nicosia. While traveling they make three stops, just based on the road signs: Monastery of Saint Herakleidios, Archaiological Ruins of Tamassos and Tamassos Dam. Then they head to their final destination, Moni Maxaira. They spent some time on all four places and then they head back to Nicosia. After completing their journey, Mr John uploads the route they just did on RouteTouring using Google mapping but allowing him to pin pointing all the stops they did in the order they visited the attractions they saw, the places they sat to eat and finally the total journey time. He also adds some comments about their experience.  

A week later, George, a young graduate student wants to just travel on his Saturdays with some friends. They want to start explore their country as they are bored of their regular cafe experience. He loads the RouteTouring app and searches for a short journey towards the mountain. He finds Mr. Johns tour, he checks the attractions and the total time of the journey and get on it with his friends. While traveling he makes another stop, to a small church just before Moni Maxaira so his journey now gets bigger. When they come back in town, he uploads his own route touring, adding the extra stop they did and the new total length time.

A few days later, Maria is looking for attractions around the area of Maxaira and finds out about the two possible tours she can make! Before traveling, she knows how long each one takes and the possible stops. While travelling she also stops at a nice traditional coffee shop that she is served a nice cake and she posts that as a new route..

Imagine, now, that the above scenario happens on Egypt for an area that is so common but not so described in local tourism attractions....and now imagine that George is planning to travel to Egypt and is looking for alternative routes and attractions!



This app has endless possibilities. It can show attractions around various countries, it can split it up based on time of journey, type of car needed, type of activities one can do and so on…This is also important and a needed app for countries that are not so tourist attractive or do not have attractions and routes on maps. For example, North Africa and Middle East countries that cover a huge area that usually is not geographically mapped in detail, this app will open the doors to even the local tourist to travel and explore their country but also to new tourists around the globe.

In addition, one can also find local people to guide them and are up for a group excursion. For example, what if George can find a person who already did a tour and can guide them and do the tour together. It will bring together people from different countries and cultures!

The most important thing is that the app is contributed by people that did the touring and the routes reflect their own preferences, experiences and needs and no sponsoring from various places will be allowed or affect their routes.