Junior University of the Heart !
Describe the problem that you want to address. How does this problem effect people in their daily lives?

“ Junior University of the Heart” is a most  innovative educational program.  We could call it “ a holistic approach to  knowledge through  body mind and spirit.”. It aims to  help children 5-12 years old, remember, experience  and awaken their innate hidden powers in order to face the challenges of the new era.  Based on Magical story telling  and using the latest of audiovisual technology, it seeks  to create a heaven like environment where  Kids will experience  the ideas conveyed by the stories. The story telling will be enhanced by the use  of holographic images ,  therapeutic light (as in chromotherapy), simple and 3D videos, especially composed music enriched with  binaural bits and solfeggio  healing frequencies.  The  program will  stress on  self knowledge and self appreciation.  It will cultivate consciousness, inner peace, heart to heart communication and respect for all human beings, all living creatures, the planet and the Cosmos  alike. It will be  an ever expanding source of amusement  and joy  that  will help shift  from a limited  linear thinking  to an “ all is possible”new attitude towards life. The whole system will be easily moved around to schools, hospitals,  galleries, museums etc.