Future Cyprus - Collaborative Filmmaking
Describe the problem that you want to address. How does this problem effect people in their daily lives?

Most of the time we are being forced to imagine our future from the perspective of the public opinion and this visual process is always limited to the borders being put by the external forces. But actually we have unlimited power to create a vision for our future and we can use this power and our collective abilities to bring it to life using technology.


FutureCyprus is a collaborative short filmmaking project where the people from different areas will help to create every step of the generated common vision until the final result. A dedicated website will be created for discussing and visualizing the concept with integrated collaborative working tools. This vision will be as compressive as possible in creative way gathering many different people from different fields.


Such as for a scene where we show the people from both communities interacting, sociologists will contribute to script, actors from both communities will play a part, fashion designers will help to shape the trends of the time, art director and directors will combine the elements. But for a scene where we shot the future of Nicosia, cinematographers will shoot the underlying image, architects will visualize the buildings from future of Cyprus, 3D designers will design them and editors/visual effect directors will combine them.


So we will not be only touching up on the social aspects of bi-communal life but we will also envision the future of Cyprus and create it by working together. As the result will be both artistic, personal and futuristic, it can be an effective element for visualizing a common future and reaching very broad audience.