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Blind Faith - Creating Objects of Desire
Describe the problem that you want to address. How does this problem effect people in their daily lives?

The blind have traditionally been involved in weaving furniture seats and baskets. The designs of the furniture that they currently make are restricted by the technology (or lack of!) available to them. Their product line is unknown to the wider public.


The first stage of this project is to gather a team of blind furniture makers, multimedia programmers and furniture designers with the common purpose of developing an application or the digital tools required for the blind to use current creative technologies, such as Laser Cutters and CNC Routers. 


The aim is to develop a new furniture and product line which the blind can make, promote and market for their own gain. By the end of this project they will also have the tools and ability to create endless new forms.


Through this process the blind become involved with scientists and designers. They in return are challenged by the needs of the particular group of people and become more sensitive towards inclusive design.


Their furniture can be turned into desirable design items which could even be marketed globally, making their work and products known to the public.


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