Teen Entrepreneur Online Club
Describe the problem that you want to address. How does this problem effect people in their daily lives?
The Teen Entrepreneur Online Club is a website that is addressing to teenagers and is promoting teen entrepreneurship. It will consist of:

1. a repository of games and quizzes that will stimulate entrepreneurial thinking among teens.

2. a repository of information and know-how to aid teen entrepreneurs.

3. a gateway to inspiring online talks and presentations of teen entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship.

4. a platform that will motivate sharing and exposing ideas, and will aid in shaping them into potential project proposals and implementations, through contests and online mentoring. Mentors will be recruited according to demand.

Its main goal is to promote entrepreneurship among teenagers, inform them about the world of entrepreneurship, and stimulate their creative and entrepreneurial thinking. The website will be designed for desktops, smartphones and tablets, and will be accompanied by a smartphone application that will give direct access to the games and quizzes.