Entrepreneurship Platform: Brain Gain
Describe the problem that you want to address. How does this problem effect people in their daily lives?

Challenge: To stop and reverse the brain drain Cyprus has suffered for decades. To connect the globe with the Greek/Turkish Cypriot entrepreneurs and professionals who are currently living on the island or abroad as a result of migration and are willing to return  to establish/execute colaborative ideas whether these be commercial or social projects. We feel that skilled people living on the island miss the challenge and development in their careers due to the current way local organisations run. Many Cypriots who have migrated to the various parts of the world have some desire of returning to the island in the future or doing business with the island but the main challenge they face is the lack of services and infrastructure required to carry out their professional ambitions.

With technology, we can help these individuals team up, find partners locally or globally and develop joint projects that will allow individuals residing in Cyprus to have the opportunity to make international business connections and develop themselves further but also the individuals that are abroad to return and contribute to the economic and social development of the island, while all living more fulfilling lives.


Technology: To create a publicly searchable human resource database of G/T Cypriots who live in Cyprus and elsewhere on the globe, with the aid of a website and mobile app where users can create profiles showcasing their skillsets, and create projects that require certain skillsets. The platform, as a professional networking tool, is aimed at matching people in Cyprus and across the globe with similar ideas looking to fulfill their entrepreneurial ambitions together whilst contributing the the development of the island and building of a strong community.