Play Date
Describe the problem that you want to address. How does this problem effect people in their daily lives?

Play Date is a virtual game for children to play on and off-screen in groups aiming to promote multi-cultural expression and let go of racial and sexual prejudice.


Children from different schools team up to play the game online and offline.  Online sessions include puzzle and word games amongst others.  Offline missions include treasure hunts/site-specific riddles and various physical games.  The process results in meeting in person to complete missions and finish the game.


Groups of children and young people play this game within the school academic year under the supervision of teachers/guides.  Play Date is intended to be implemented within the education program and classes of children or whole schools may collaborate to play the game and arrange trips together.


There are trophies, awards and gifts for winning teams so that healthy competition is activated and a common target is offered to all members of the teams.  At the end of the game, new acquaintances are made or even new friends built on values that do not involve race, colour, sex or status.  Fun activities will offer an alternative means of education; all achieved in the most accessible way: play.