Community for Local Startups
Describe the problem that you want to address. How does this problem effect people in their daily lives?
An online community interested in supporting local startups by testing, rating, commenting, giving feedback and using their products.
This project will create a platform for aiding startups in Cyprus to connect to a community of active users, minimizing their warm-up period (time to reach the critical number of users) and getting advanced customer statistics. Startups can easily sign up for the platform and share their ideas, projects and products with the online community.
Individuals interested in being part of this community can sign up using their social network profile or create their account. Through the website or the smartphone application of the platform, they will then be receiving news about new startups and their products, events and promotions. The platform will provide the means for the community to contribute to their local startups by giving feedback and recommendations, rewarding their social responsibility programs and promoting them by word-of-mouth.
The platform will also be connected to existing initiatives promoting local entrepreneurship and engaging the citizens in shaping the local startup eco-system.