Let's Map Cyprus
Describe the problem that you want to address. How does this problem effect people in their daily lives?
An online crowdsourced map with multiple layers that aims to promote a culture of participation, unity and inclusiveness. Users can “pin” new entries on the map that can be of the predefined themes such as:

- old names or old pictures of streets or places

- “blissful” events

- (street-) art

- local products and produce

New categories can be proposed by the users and added by the administrators. Each theme will correspond to a separate layer on the map. Each user can choose which layers to view.
Users will create a profile or use their existing social network profile in order to motivate responsible use of the service. They can voted up and share entries with other users, through the service itself or through social networks. They can also add hashtags to entries. The system will use the hashtags to “connect” users of common interests.
The map will incorporate existing participatory maps as separate layers. The map will offer a holistic view of the island and its character, helping the viewer realize that she/he is part of something bigger, colorful, beautiful and unique. The visual power of this map will aid in engaging and sharing as a community, and will raise awareness about the potential common visions, dreams and passions, history, past and future of the citizens of Cyprus.