Describe the problem that you want to address. How does this problem effect people in their daily lives?

There are many cats and dogs which are in need or homeless in and around Famagusta. This really made us uncomfortable and with this opportunity, we will be able to create an application to help them and to people who owns cats or/and dogs It is an application for pet lovers and pet owners to report and find their missing pets. People can also report homeless animals and animals in need. People who are seeking to find a pet can also use this application to find a pet for themselves.  There also will be a map on the application which will allow pet owners to show where about they have lost their dog or people who would like to report a missing/in need dog can also use the map to report the dog they have found. It will become a crucial application for all pet owners in case if they lost their pet. People will be able to create a profile so that they will have information about themselves (name, address) or upload a photo of their missing pet. Due to the fact that there is no shelter for the homeless animals in Famagusta, it will become easier to find home for these homeless animals. 

Describe your proposed solution – How does your approach build on or add to more traditional ways of dealing with problem?

There will be less homeless animals in the street, it will raise awareness among people. People will be able to find their missing pets which some people consider them as their own child. 

Which technologies are you planning to use and why? Please make reference to other similar uses of your proposed technology.

People will be able to download the application on smartphones, laptops, tablets and PC's. It is going to be a unique application which can be useful for the people who live in Famagusta.