Pocket Planter
Describe the problem that you want to address. How does this problem effect people in their daily lives?

Famagusta is a traditionally agricultural region, where generations after generations grew by cultivating its lands. The past 3 decades or so we have been experiencing a regional shift of entrepreneurial interest from resources to the tourist business sector, leading to a saturation of the regional tourist market as well as detachment of the locals from their relationship with the land. Many land owners whose land is not worthy of touristic development rent out their farms to professional farmers who use the land for monoculture cultivation, putting a strain on the environment, whereas many other fertile fields are left un-utilised. There is an opportunity for the unemployed youth to get back in touch with agriculture in the region using innovating methods to enrich their local economy and avoid migration and brain drain. Pocket Planter is an agricultural app, enabling start-up farmers and garden hobbyists alike to grow produce and maximise their farm's efficiency in terms of available conditions (space, water, soil, etc) in a fun, social package. In collaboration with specialised agronomists from companies in the sector (we are already getting interest in the project), we will build upon existing knowledge bases to create the necessary content for the application. Using an appealing graphical user interface the user will be able discover what is needed to start up their own farming business or create the quaintest little vegetable garden in their back yards. By putting in their fields’ conditions, the app will calculate and suggest the best practices tailored for the users’ needs. This app could be used as an introduction to novices or as a support tool for professionals. The first edition of the app, will specialise in arid climate and will be applicable to areas around the world who share this type of climate, such as Cyprus, Israel, Spain, South USA, Australia etc., with plans on adding a cold climate version at a later stage, available as stand-alone or as an in-app purchase for a smaller price.

Describe your proposed solution – How does your approach build on or add to more traditional ways of dealing with problem?
- Helps spread best agricultural practices (environment, health, conservation)
- Provides opportunities for long or short term financial solutions by sharing tasks through the social part of the app.
- Interconnectivity between farms around the world.
- Promotes an active lifestyle, positively influencing people's daily lives.
- Related shops can promote products through the app, enhancing commerce.
- Boosts local production, reduces the amount of imported goods.
- Achievements system provides incentive to stay engaged and social.
Which technologies are you planning to use and why? Please make reference to other similar uses of your proposed technology.

It is a mobile app that is informative, entertaining & social. - It turns work into an achievement based game, with social ranking. - Connects farmers directly to businesses and consumers. - Provides first exciting baby steps into a new venture for youth start-ups - Connects farmers on regional and international level, for exchange of practices, ideas, and climate warnings - Garden calendar will inform users when to plant and when to tend your garden. - Troubleshooting and warnings for common issues. - In app tools and calculators for weather, fertilizing etc. - Connects farmers with available helping hands.