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Capacity Building Programme for Civil Society Organisations in Cyprus
This project aimed to strengthen the capacity of civil society organisations (CSOs) through the... read more
International NGO Training and Research Centre (INTRAC)
Dissemination and Follow-up to the CIVICUS Civil Society Index for Cyprus
This project aimed to build on issues previously raised by the Civil Society Index and to encourage... read more
EUR Action: Citizens Acting for Europe
This project aimed to lead citizens from the local to the European level, involving them directly... read more
Islandwide CSO Directory
This project developed an island-wide directory of civil society organisations (CSOs) listing those... read more
Nicosia is Calling
The objective of this project was the production of information and educational material for young... read more
Reunifying Cyprus through Economic Convergence in the EU - Instruments of Fiscal Federalism, Tourism and the Euro
This project aimed to produce information regarding economic development and convergence as key... read more
Wolfson Group Cyprus
Volunteer Network
This project aimed to establish and promote an island-wide volunteer network in an attempt to raise... read more
Cultural Heritage Preservation Circle in Kontea
After living separately for more than three decades, the past (Greek Cypriot) and current (Turkish... read more
Intercultural Dialogue and History
This project aimed to form a nucleus of highly motivated history educators and trainers to form the... read more
The Diversity Initiative
This project aimed to develop a range of complementary resources in the field of diversity... read more
Towards a New Media Landscape
The aim of this project was to actively engage journalists and media experts from both communities... read more
Future Worlds Centre
ENGAGE - Federalism Events
ENGAGE organised a series of 16 public discussions on federalism, focused on different themes such... read more