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Representations of History and Intergroup Relations
The objective of this project was to fill a research gap and inform educational policy makers about... read more
Roots of Change
Through this initiative, the Cyprus Community Media Centre developed 30 profile videos for its... read more
The United Cyprus 20/20 Youth Conference
United Cyprus 20/20 was a conference aimed to help young people develop their peace-building,... read more
KAYAD Community Centre
Wonder Woman Artists' Residency Programme: New News is Old News
This project explored the changing media landscape in Cyprus, exhibiting the works of seven Cyprus-... read more
European Mediterranean Arts Association (EMAA), Rooftop Theatre Group
Collaborating into the Future: a Model for NGOs
‘Collaborating into the Future: a model for NGOs’ is a webinar that provides an opportunity to look... read more
Collaborative Media Initiative
The Collaborative Media Initiative was a one-year project implemented under the auspices of the... read more
Critical History Archive
The Cyprus Critical History Archive (CCHA) is a joint initiative between the Association for... read more
PRIO Cyprus Center
Developing a Culture of Co-operation Through Teaching and Learning History
This project aimed to raise awareness on teaching and learning history in all its complexities in... read more
MARS - Media against Racism in Sport
This project brought together Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot sports journalists to collaborate... read more
Community Media Forum Europe
Nicosia is Calling Online Game
‘Nicosia is Calling’ is an online game geared towards children aged 8-14, but which is also... read more
Peace it Together Knowledge and Innovation Component
This project aimed to establish a regional knowledge hub on civil society and citizen-led peace... read more
Power of Sport
The Power of Sport’ is a series of five short animated films accompanied by learning modules and a... read more