How to apply

New technologies make it possible for all of us to address major community challenges in fast, innovative and transparent ways. Here at mahallae, we are happy to provide you with a platform for social-action networking – a place where we can move collectively from dialogue to action. How does it work? It’s simple.

1.  It’s a challenge.

We post a challenge relating to an issue our communities might be facing, things like giving voice to women, making public consultations more efficient or empowering older people to gain better access to IT.

2.   We want ideas, lots of them.

You are invited to post your most innovative ideas through the mahallae website. This is an online brainstorming party. You can submit as many ideas in response to each challenge as you want. You’ll just need to set up a profile, choose a title for your idea, provide a short description and (if you want) upload an image. All ideas will be openly shared on the Mahallae platform.


3. The best ideas become concepts.

Our judges will filter the ideas, discarding ones that don’t match the criteria (see full guidelines below). If your idea is selected by the judges, you will be asked to come up with a concept. Concepts are more developed ideas, with a longer description and a team behind them. You can leave your comments on a concept page, or show you like the concept by endorsing it. Concept pages will also be requesting resources (expertise, services, volunteers, etc). You can show your support for a concept by offering resources.


4. We support our concept teams.

During the concepting process, UNDP Mahallae Mentors also organize meet-ups for concept teams to provide support offline and help strengthen the concepts.


5. And the best concepts are funded!

Our judges pick the finalists, those ideas that have best demonstrated the most feasible solution to the challenge, and have evoked endorsements, discussions and contributions from their communities. Each winning concept receives funding of up to $30,000. Possible top up funding of up to $20,000 is available to Cypriot based solutions that can demonstrate match funding and replication through partnerships in the Euro Mediterranean region. Equipped with the financial and technical resources necessary to succeed, the winning projects get the green light and can be put into operation!

6. Follow projects as they get into action.


Once the winning projects begin to be implemented you can either become part of them through your contributions, or sit back and watch them develop over the mahallae platform. All reporting and updates on project implementation happen via the platform, to keep all contributors and endorsers informed.



Click here to download the full guidelines.

You can also read our FAQs or contact us with further questions.