Egyptian youth activist, social entrepreneur, advocate for youth voice and empowerment. Founder and President of the Egypt Foundation for Youth & Development
I graduated from faculty of Languages and Translation Al-Azhar University, which is arguably the most moderate Islamic institution in the world. I have completed post-graduate studies on... read more
Abualabass has nine years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor’s of Information Technology from Future University, and Diploma degree of Information System from Alnelain... read more
Adam Groves is Senior Programme Manager at On Our Radar, a communication rights organisation that creates new channels and opportunities for people on the margins of society to share their news and... read more
Data Scientist & Software developer with interdisciplinary interests in Arts, Knowledge, Technology, Greening, Analytics, Resilience, Economics, Humanities & cultures.
Ahmet Sözen has been working in the field of peacebuilding and democratization processes over the last twenty years. He has participated in first-track peace-negotiations in Cyprus, has been actively... read more
Al has many years of experience in the media, having worked as a journalist, editor, writer, screenwriter and director. He holds degrees from the University of Cambridge, Rutgers University and... read more
I co-founded Community Aid for Rural Development (CARD) in January, 2007 with three other young graduates with the passion in changing lives of vulnerable in most deprived communities in Northern... read more